Wii Madden 08 Review: Better than PS3 Version according to IGN

While GameSpot gave exact same score to different versions of Madden NFL 08, IGN is giving vastly different scores to PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii versions and only Wii and 360 versions get "Editor's Choice". Here they mention some of the advantages and problems of Wii version:

"Despite all its additions and Wii-specific content, Madden 08 is still a tough one to rate overall. The game makes great use of motion with better-implemented and easier to pull off moves than 07, it has more modes, far more multiplayer both locally and now online, and is generally superior in nearly every regard. On the flipside, Wii's second Madden still suffers from a ton of last-generation bugs, with everything from moronic AI and cheap pass defense to disappearing pass icons and odd camera glitches that cloak the entire playfield in blur effects."

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MK_Red4018d ago

Please not that this story is about IGN talking about Wii version which they think has last gen bugs and problems (Bad AI and other issues) and YET giving it a higher score than PS3 version. Also, it got "Editor's Choice Award".

Foliage4018d ago

This will lead into a "PS3 performance is worse than 360" discussion, even though the developers are fully to blame for thinking they can port a game straight from one console to the other. It simply doesn't work, both consoles are built differently. You won't take advantage of much of the PS3 setup if you go into it building a PC game. Pull your head out of your ass EA.

I'm not going to even begin to get into the whole wii review thing. Why didn't they release the wii remote for the gamecube? I forget.... oh yeah money, and a crappy reputation.

Jeremy Gerard4018d ago

Wii is a joke, but the PS3 version of the game is seriously lacking for it to be a next gen version of the game, when compared to the 360 version I have read testers say it feels truly last gen and glitchy, frame rate issues mostly.

eXplotion4018d ago

this is a joke right??? wii version better than ps3?? IGN could you be more biased?

we all agree the ps3 is an inferior version next to the 360s but that doesnt mean it sucks I mean weve been playin 30fps football all these years now suddenly 30fps means bad framerate??

Bathyj4018d ago

Well if the Wii version is better, it just goes to show how little effort was put into the PS3 version and that its not a reflection on the console but on the developer.

Thats the problem. Sony haters (see I'm trying not to use that other word) jump on this as if it proves PS3 cant do a game at 60FPS but if anything its only proving EA shortcomings.

But also, maybe I should go a little easy on EA. It took 2 years to get it up to speed on X360 as well so maybe its to be expected, but you would have thought they would have taken what they learned in the last 2 years and applied it a bit better. Or failing that, for Christsakes, get some help from Sony. Everyone knows they are only to willing to help devs out to get more out of the PS3.

gogators4018d ago (Edited 4018d ago )

I could see the Wii version selling better than either the PS3 or the 360. It's only football and I expect next years version to be up to speed on the PS3. Progress with Madden would be soo much better if they would just cycle the game every two years. This franchise deserves better developement time.

reaperxciv4018d ago

you can't accept that the wii is kicking the ps3

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Clinton5144018d ago

Seems like the British tabloids up in here.

jodonn084018d ago

we all know that the ps3 version blows the wii version out of the water, its just that the editors at the ps3 division have higher standards for games

Ri0tSquad4018d ago

Wii isn't a gaming a console wtf is that retarded thing. Lmao Red Steel looks like a N64 game wii is garbage.

Foliage4018d ago

quiet, the wiitards might here you. They travel in packs and in matching outfits. An awful sight.

Rute4018d ago (Edited 4018d ago )

Ri0tSquad and Foliage, you could both learn how to spell if you are to use words like retarded and wiitard. That way you might actually be able to insult someone.

It's good to see talented teams working on Wii games and the fruits of their work. The Wii really needs these great games to show developers and consumers what it's capable of.


EDIT: lol, I actually lost a bubble. Now tell me, what rules did I break with my comment? I won't detract bubbles from you. I just want an explanation.