BioShock Demo Gameplay Footage has some great gameplay footage from the newly released BioShock demo. The videos, 'Surviving Rapture' and ' Electric Death', showcase BioShock's amazing graphics and its unique and atmospheric FPS gameplay.

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TheFamilyGuy3993d ago

The demo's opening is amazing. The video only shows a few seconds of it (when you are in the water with the fire all around you). It is really cool :)

I think if they just included some multiplayer (namely XBL and even some co-op), BioShock would be a massive hit.

Thats not to say it won't sell well, but I just think without multiplayer a lot of peole will end up just renting it.

InMyOpinion3992d ago

I don't think so. I don't see why every game has to have multi-player to get accepted. I think it would spoil the story and mood of the game if it had multi-player. I mean, if you're dying to have multi-player there are tons of other games that incorporate it. It might bug you if you have decided to only own 1 title for your 360, but other then that I don't see the problem. Why not pick up Halo 3 or Stranglehold? Both look like they will deliver awesome multi-player as well as single-player options.

rubarb233992d ago

agreed 100%. bioshock is perfect the way it is.

socomnick3993d ago

Seems everyone cant get enough of Bioshock I know I cant.

rubarb233992d ago

and i want MORE damn it! i think this game comes out next tuesday so i'm hoping the week passes by fast. oh and i'm on vacation for a week next week so i'll make sure to give bioshock alot of love and care. amazing game!

COCK3993d ago

stop posting gay videos off bioshock am sick off seing this game nobody is going 2 buy it iff ur gonna post a video demo post a demo off transformers the official game

Rhezin3993d ago

no kiddin, i want a side of halo 3 with that.

Double-Edged3993d ago

PS3 has yet to have a game that atleast beats the BioShock demo...

they failed to beat Gears so far..... so lets lower the bar..

solidt123992d ago (Edited 3992d ago )

The Xbox hasn't had a game to beat the BioShock demo either, But I think Killzone 2 will be better than Gears of War and Bioshock. But for now The Big Daddy's are Kicking a$$. They don't mess around. Bioshock could be the game of the year but it is too early to say. There are still alot of good game coming out this year. I am more excited about Bioshock then Mass Effect Now and Halo 3 is just more Halo with much better graphics.

rubarb233992d ago

While i agree that right now bioshock is the most impressive thing on the 360, it will be beaten when halo 3 comes out, aswell as when mass effect comes out. now while people can argue which game will win the game of the year award, the best part of all this is that game of year will be on the 360.
as far as killzone 2 being better than gears or bioshock, i don't agree with you on that one. all killzone has right now is 2 great trailers. and while i'll admit the graphics look awesome, graphics can only get you so far - look at lair. killzone 1 blew chunks and so the developers of killzone have yet to make a decent game.

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The story is too old to be commented.