Console Makers: Move It or Lose It

The Big Three gaming companies are powering-up their laser guns, sharpening their swords, and gathering their robot armies for what could be one of the bloodiest holiday seasons in video game history. The epic battles will play out on TV screens around the globe, but could do real-world damage to the bottom lines of console makers.

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Bloodmask4060d ago

PS3 sales have increased and Wii is on fire.

I think with the new 360 price drop as well as the redesigned hardware sales will also see an increase. Halo 3 won't hurt either.

Eclipticus4060d ago

all the consoles will see a jump, thats for certain. I just wish wii, would have a few more hardcore games, that i would be interested in picking up. aside from RE4 and zelda. But from a business standpoint, that are on the right track. so i'll just keep occupied with the 360's bioshock and mass effect.

snoop_dizzle4060d ago

broke this year.

........thinking deeply........
I could sell sperm.

Eclipticus4060d ago

earlier this year. i actually looked into that. still havent crossed it off my list. that or working the street corner.

Eclipticus4060d ago

that SH$T is hella funny snoop....

stunt2134060d ago

im gonna be broke as soon as september hits i might just ask for 360 this christmats cuz i already have wii and ps3

djt234059d ago

it all about the game in the season
and likeness of the console