IGN Reviews Madden NFL 08' for the Xbox 360

The Madden franchise is one of the longest-running in videogame history. It began around the same time as The Simpsons (and looked just about as ugly at that point) and has since grown to become a national phenomenon. Like anything that manages to last nearly two decades, Madden has gained a near equal number of ardent fans and passionate detractors. No matter what developer Tiburon does with its football title, the fans will always support it and the haters will always cry foul. Fortunately for those who love Madden, the gang at Tiburon finally got its next-gen act together and created the best version of its seminal football series since Madden NFL 2005. In fact, Madden 08 feels in many ways a throwback to 2005. That's a good thing. Madden 05 rocked.

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TheExecutive4055d ago (Edited 4055d ago )

IGN nailed EA for having this framerate difference. Too bad that they lowered the framerate just to get this game out by the 14th. EA screwed ps3 owners on this one and it doesnt even look like its a stable 30fps which is rediculous. It looks like its madden for 360 or bust.

ParaDise_LosT4055d ago

Baal is a.k.a Peter Moore
we love ya peter :)
and we know you had nothing to do with this :)

the worst4055d ago

ps3 rules better online play
lagbox360 lags and freezing

TheExecutive4055d ago

man you need to give up. You arent even commenting on this news... Im a ps fan but you are getting an ignore for being annoying.

DeadIIIRed4055d ago

How does the frame rate difference equate to a whole point difference between the 360 and PS3 versions???

Saint Sony4055d ago

Sucking seems to be your obsession.

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