Skate Demo delayed on Xbox 360, No PS3 demo so far

EA has posted up on their message boards that the demo of Skate has been delayed for a few days, but it shouldn't be for longer than a week. However, the retail ship dates are still good, with the game expcted to be available on September 12 for the Xbox 360 and September 24 for the PS3.

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Ps3Fanboy7774055d ago

However I dont care but I would like Tony Hawks demo so crossing fingers for that, highly doubt ps3 will get that one either though.

MK_Red4055d ago

First Madden 08 framerate issue and now this, EA is being really lazy with PS3. The Darkness had demos for both versions (PS3/360) and they were both equal. EA, is becoming lazier each day.

Fighter4055d ago

I hope I'm wrong cause this game looks decent. It will probably run better on the 360 because EA are MS ball suckers.

sak5004055d ago

Damn i'd be pi$$d if i owned a ps3.

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