What Gears of War Got Right

People can say what they want about Gears of War, but Newspail editor think the game's incredible. From the moment the protagonist Marcus Fenix gets busted out of jail to the ridiculous train of death at the end, the game was awesome.

Epic did something few companies can hope to achieve… they created a world we know simply as "Sera." It's a heavily contested hunk of rock swirling somewhere in the cosmos. Our human cousins fight off a savage horde of albino mutants. Sound ridiculous?

Not much more than most stories. Check out a variety of books, games, or movies. You'll find tales just as ridiculous, if not more so.

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Bloodmask4060d ago

got the "30 seconds of fun" right that Bungie is always stressing. That pretty much covers the great gameplay part.

Plus the graphics are truly "next gen". I have yet to see a game on any system that rivals it. Even after being released last year.

Maybe Gear 2 will surpass it.

BLACKJACK VII4060d ago (Edited 4060d ago )

Gears got everything right.

1.True Next Gen Graphics & Artwork
2.Fresh, innovative Gameplay
3.Online Campaign Co-op in 2006
4.Superior Online Multiplayer Experience
5.Killer Story with excellent balance, pace & weapons

Still the most played game on XBL & the most played by me & my friends. Gears won *every* category it was nominated for at Gphoria - (6 in total) including another GOTY award...
And it's a Trilogy...

marionz4060d ago

gears was great but big daddy is in town soon and hes ready to pee on marcus, the graphics in bioshock are unreal and have set the bar higher then gears ever could

anyone not played the demo? GET IT!

Marceles4060d ago

Uh...the gameplay wasn't fresh at all. It's a very good looking game and fun game that uses the cover system. But there's been many games that play like Gears, GoW just happens to be the best looking of them all

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Marceles4060d ago (Edited 4060d ago )

play kill.switch., active reloading is cool, but it's not so innovative that people are going to copy it. The Lancer weapon is cool, but you get used to the chainsaw and it's back to normal. I know you love your Gears and all but if you think it's truly original and innovative in terms of gameplay, you need to play more games. The art direction on the other hand is first-class in a way only epic can deliver

kevin11224059d ago

blackjack, this game is not innovative. the only true new thing they did in gears that i can think of is the way you reload. hitting the button at the right time to reload faster.

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San anto4060d ago

"What gears got right"

Super glossy textures XD

toughNAME4060d ago

there shud be another article

"How Resistance FU*KED up"

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SubZero4060d ago

Um guys this game is almost a year old in the States... Who give a crap. It was great but I was done playing it along time ago. Give me some info on gears 2

castdreams4060d ago

Did it get anything wrong?


Nope. It sold 2 Million copies in it's 1st 6weeks. It may be a year old, but it's still pwning Next Gen.

Hatchetforce4060d ago (Edited 4060d ago )

Gears was a fantastic title. I enjoyed it immensely and the Co-op with Dom was a blast.

What it got wrong:

1 - Checkpoints often occured right before a lengthy scene of Marcus chattering on the radio. Unlike other citscenes these could not be skipped and would occur right before locations where you were sure to die. This forced you to listen to his radio discussion time and again.

2 - Despite what Cliffy B wanted, too often you had to babysit Dom.

3 - No encounter with the Brumak in the 360 version despite all of the pre 360 version vids(since added to the PC version)

4 - Reloading a scene always had the AI committing the exact same actions - no variance in AI routines.

5 - Heavy use of trigger points greatly lessens replay value. Replay shouldn't mean "Now the locust can take twice as many headshots!"

6 - Several major bugs not squashed - "Hey, I can't stop running at the Corpser!"

Over all it is a great game. Not perfect - there are a few issues, but it still is a landmark and a must own for any hardcore gamer.

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