Top PS2 Games That Should Be Remastered On PS3

Since the God of War collection was remastered on PS3 I've been thinking, there's many more classics that were released on the PS2 that many people would love to be released on the PS3 in high definition and include some trophies in there, that's a dream come true. The God of War collection brought back some amazing memories while I played it. I'm sure you all know that feeling you get when you play a game you haven't touched in years, it's a really nice feeling. Anyway, here are the games that need to be remastered on the PS3 and hopefully Sony listens to us!

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xYLeinen2590d ago

Sony are listening. You guys are just to impatient and constantly asking for it. I think we all can except news on Ico and the Shadow of Colossus announcement regarding the Last Guardian announcement. Anything else would be strange. Sony already said they are "very aware" of the demand for those two games.

8800gtx2590d ago (Edited 2590d ago )

Older games should be rendered at higher resolutions by the Console itself, just like any modern GPU will render an older game in 1080p or beyond for free. People need to stop encouraging a company to charge for stuff that should be free, assuming you already have a older copy.



All what Sony has done for remastered games is render them at higher resolutions and give them some AA, thats about it. Its something that should be there for free. It is free when an older PC game is run on a newer machine, Example running CS back in 2000 someone may have played it at 800*600, today the same person may as well play at 2560*1600 for free(assuming they have a powerful enough machine) charging for a license the user alreay owns is just not right, unless of course the game is completely remade which is not the case so far.


xYLeinen2590d ago

We PS3 users love our franchises and they never stay forgotten. And when we meet them again we can relive an awesome old experience with new graphics and also introduces these games to a new crowd.

so Mr. 8800gtx, we don't throw our franchises away.

Redempteur2590d ago (Edited 2590d ago )

"Its something that should be there for free. It is free when an older PC game is run on a newer machine, "
You're really ignorant don't even know the difference between a pc direct-x game and a optimised console game running on another hardware. God of war 1&2 ( same with ico or shadow of collosus ) aren't regular programmed games ...they were optimised to use the architecture of the PS2 and thus can't run like that on another hardware without changes ...
The pc architecture you seems to have faith in doesn't work in these cases and thus you're a fool with your logic thatd oesn't work in real life ...

next time donn't spout nonsense ( i know you can't do anything else but still ) because no amount of PC upgrading will render the previous sly cooper games in 3d just like that

Ocelot5252590d ago (Edited 2590d ago )

for once I agree with you 8800gtx, but keep in mind that some remastered collections also have other improvements like better textures(gow collection)

What native resolution concerns:
Sony should definitely do this for PS1 games(by improving the emulator), cuz now I play ps1 games with a emulator on the PC cuz the PS3 ps1 emulator does not improve the graphics at all(and PS1 res. scaling only bypasses the sucky upscaling of a tv)

but emulating the PS2 is very, very hard and even now there are no PS2 emulators who can render most PS2 games without inconsistencies

sikbeta2590d ago

Just give me the Collections of the Best First Party Games and RE Collection NOW!

itani2590d ago (Edited 2590d ago )

Imagine playing any of the listed games with trophies! BLING!

Quagmire2590d ago (Edited 2590d ago )

It Only Does Back To The Future!

God of War Trilogy & Sly Cooper Trilogy are good starts. Here's to hoping for Ico Collection before Last Guardian

ali1002590d ago

Hope for a Jak And Daxter collection.

Cajun Chicken2590d ago

Still want Ratchet collection too. All series playable on one console would be great. Plus a lot of people missed out on them first time around.

Capt-FuzzyPants2590d ago

Yea I played the first one years after its release and Ive played th futures on Ps3 THATS IT.

Akagi2590d ago

I've always seen this as a smart move from Sony. These IPs are sitting around doing nothing on PS2, so they might as well make some money from them.

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