Miyamoto: "Games Should Feel Like Games"

Shigeru Miyamoto recently told Weekly Famitsu that games don't need to be difficult in order to be a good time. Nintendo has made clear that it wants to bring in a new kind of gamer with the Wii and DS by creating more accessible titles.

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MK_Red3939d ago

Well before "Games should feel like Games" comes "Games should be Games in the first place" and Miyamoto's latest games specially WiiFit are really not a game. GameTrailers made a category for Non-games and awarded WiiFit, that's a lot. For a legend who made Zelda and Mario, this is sad to see him becoming so casual and non-hardcore. Original Legend of Zelda was a pretty complex and difficult specially for its own time. Time for Miyamoto to go and look at his great past.

ChanDangle3939d ago

Agreed ......what a hypocrite.

San anto3939d ago

God daem hes just tryin to put a negative spin on a promising FPS.
Just because he knows the wii cant handle ny decent FPS games, just take a look at far cry 2 on the wii.

funktion_d3939d ago

Serious, as if everyone held you to what you said 20 years ago too.. maybe this is something he just more or less asserted in the last few years. So what, he's saying it now, and i think he's probably right too.

Danega_Sciphor3939d ago

im not gonna waste my money on game that takes 2 hours to beat, no pain no game baby

scarlett_rg3938d ago

Damn dude... Contra on the NES took about 30min to beat and it was one of the best/most addictive games of all time, getting more playtime/replayablity than any of the other games of its time.

s8anicslayer3939d ago

he doesn't know what he's talking about, but i still love his games though

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The story is too old to be commented.