What's Your Annual Madden Release Ritual? wants to know what your annual Madden release ritual is?

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Ps3Fanboy7774060d ago

Give me a football game worth buying every year and then ill answer.

Nostradavis4060d ago

haha alright, but you gotta admit the look on Maddens face in that picture is funny.

SlaughterMeister4060d ago

First I say "Oh look, another game encouraging people to play sports inside on television instead of actually getting off their chowdery lazy asses and actually doing something active."

Then, I carry on with my life because sports games suck.

Lacarious4060d ago

my madden ritual is not buying it....

gogators4060d ago

No more Madden in this household. Unless it was gifted. Free games over rule bad games everyday.

Genki4060d ago

until it's become evident to me that they're producing a product that I like, simple as that.