Sony: Blu-ray Growing In Developing Markets

After beginning worldwide shipments of Blu-ray movies this past April, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has seen substantial growth in its high definition business. These territories, including Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Eastern Europe, South America, and the Middle East, now represent 10% of their total Blu-ray business. In June alone, SPHE reported a 21% increase in orders across these regions.

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MK_Red3932d ago

Good to see more people using Hi-def movies. HD movies spreading all over the world from South Africa To Asia to America is good news since it shows more people are entering HD era.

XxZxX3932d ago (Edited 3932d ago )

OK now's let happy let those who comfortable with DVD continue their DVD, those like those ppl on VHS and let those people who comfortable with HD media go with Blu-ray. Time to let HD-DVD die.


MK_Red3932d ago

This is really not a Blu-ray Vs HD-DVD. It talks how developing countries are welcoming HD.

XxZxX3932d ago

I know, but developing country has the luxury of starting with just one format. No format war at all.... like for some country, they didnt even know what Betamax is.

akaFullMetal3932d ago

i really think that blu-ray will eventually win, not sure when, but i think blu-ray is to stay, and hddvd might not make it

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