Man kills 6-year-old gamer with meat cleaver

In Newbury Park, California, authorities have arrested a man for killing a 6-year-old boy with a meat cleaver. Calvin Sharp, 38, was reportedly arguing with Sandra Ruiz, 33, in an apartment complex Sunday night. When Ruiz's 6-year-old son ran outside, Sharp chased him down in the courtyard and began striking the boy in the head multiple times with a meat cleaver. Neighbor David Crawford said that Sharp shouted "die, die" during the attack. "He said he was tired of him playing video games all the time. He said his ex-wife had cheated on him and was sleeping with all his friends," Crawford said.

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persian_prince4060d ago

kill the tramp who cheats...not the poor kid. Death sentence for this guy.

Ri0tSquad4060d ago

Taking out his anger on a 6 year old child by killing him is terrible hes deserves to die!

Gamespot-equals-EGM4060d ago (Edited 4059d ago )

Wow, it can't get any worse than that. I wish the killer had 5 lives so he could be put to death 5 different ways.

Too bad torture is outlawed in the US b/c the killer definately needs to be tortured to death. Cruel and unusual punishment FTW.

Marcello4059d ago

but this guy doesnt deserve the death sentence thats too good for him, let him spend the rest of his life in jail the inmates will all feel the same as we do and make his stay a rather unpleasant one.

Umbrella Corp4059d ago

That man should be put on fire then put it out rip his skin off his body rip his eyes off then stick a sword up his but then again put him on fire put it then take a meat cleaver and bash it on his head till he dies,monsters like him deserve this Soulreaper brand death sentence,killing a child is horrible and its worst if your a weak man and you have to express your anger on a weak innocent boy,he was a game and i will be happy if my tax dollars was wasted on giving him my death sentence....

The Swordsman4059d ago

A sick act by a sick man. Death would nearly be too little a punishment for this monster. A lifetime of imprisonment, no, a lifetime of torture, is the only sentence he can receive that is in anyway true justice.

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DruePhoenix4060d ago

I think it was the dad that was playing video games too much...

ShiftyLookingCow4060d ago

no the dad sounds like a jacko who hated kids who play video games

DruePhoenix4053d ago

lol you noobs dont get it when I'm facetious on this site

progx4060d ago (Edited 4060d ago )

You don't think someone who carves up a child deserves death? F*CK YOU, seriously.

EDIT: f*ck leftists, they're no better than this guy. We need to bring back the damn gallows.

EDIT: @merovee: No dude, the death penalty is the ultimate punishment. You murder a child you don't deserve to live. Better they die than crowd up an already overflowing prison system. A lot of people who disagree would change their minds pretty damn quick if it was their kid.

WANDA4060d ago

maybe just about the death sentence...
i didn't disagree with him,
but dude, there may be some leftists who'd rather not have the capital punishment used in any case or situation.

Merovee4060d ago

And yes I am leftist and damn proud of that too TYVM... and no it has nothing to do with the death penalty being inhumane, its because it is not a punishment. 5 seconds in a chair is time off for bad behavior. You want him punished let him spend the rest of his life (until the day he dies) in a real prison getting raped and beaten by all rest of societies scum, they deserve each other.

While others (mainly those who ONLY want to LOOK tough on crime) would rather he get off easy by being put in a special wing where they don't have the interaction level to even have to worry about those things, and put down so he doesn't even have to deal with the minor inconvenience of basic incarceration. I think 40-60 years of bleeding, sore rectum and severe personal humiliation are what this jerk wad needs.

Bolts4059d ago

While that guy is spending his entire life in rotting away in jail, gettip raped, watching TV, and making license plates, the tax payers are paying over $150,000 a year to keep his ass there.

What a dumbass. I say we put the morons who are against capital punishment in jail so they can see the real cost of their stupidity.

Umbrella Corp4059d ago

I believe in eye for an eye it says it in the good book(no not the game manual teh bible)you punch me......i fn stab you mofo!!!!

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