Bioshock: 20 minutes demo gameplay

You saw the first 5 minutes, now see the full 20 minutes of the XBOX 360 demo!

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TriggerHappy4061d ago

You might wanna add a 56k warning in the title.

TheMART4061d ago

Haha are there still people on a 56k speed for internet?

I am on a 5 Mbit connection and that's about average in The Netherlands nowadays

TriggerHappy4061d ago

you'd be surprise at how many people still haven't made that migration.

nomuken4061d ago

Thanks for that, bioshock is amazing.

Marceles4061d ago

Lol @ Themart, that comment was so mean it's funny :). That's like saying, "people still use the sun to tan? pfff, I use a tanning bed everyday"

Eternal E 8084061d ago

not realy theres much more difference between broadband and dial up trust me its like night and day so there was no point in that joke.

dachiefsman4061d ago

The game is a buy IMO...I am not even a huge FPS fan, but I really, really can't wait to fight a big daddy.

Amplifier4061d ago

Sold, I just need to rob a bank now to get it for my 23" LCD Monitor running this in 1920x1200 res!

snoop_dizzle4061d ago

what my gateway 90 degree rotating monitor runs at!


Lacarious4061d ago

Bioshock looks to be another one...

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The story is too old to be commented.