50 Playboy magazines in Mafia 2

StrengthGamer: In order to get the achievement/trophy "Ladies' Man" in Mafia 2, you will have to find all the Playboy magazines.

Here's the screenshot to prove it.

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Anime-Vixen2769d ago

Absolutely disgusting. They do know girls play games right! They should of atleast throw in playgirl to make it fair for us girls :( ♥

grashopper2769d ago

If it's so disgusting why not just I dunno....not have Playboy in it? Seems like a better idea than adding more naked people.

Plus it wasn't around in the 50's ;)

A Cupcake for Gabe2769d ago

It's playboy. It's the least disgusting form of nudity of any magazine. It's not a penthouse or hustler for crying out loud.

DarkTower8052769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

Yeah, the thing is, nobody is forcing anyone to collect the magazines so there's really no need to complain about it. Even if you have to collect them to get your trophy/achievement, you don't have to open them up and look at them.

This is a game that has some MAJOR violence in it, grow up already. If you're not mature enough, maybe you shouldn't be playing it.

Also, about the playgirl comment, no, just no. This is a Mafia game. We expect things like violence, booze, and naked girls. This is a man's game whether you like it or not, and naked men isn't in the demographic.

SeanRL2769d ago

Don't like it? Become a lesbian or don't go for the magazines, it's not like they're all that amazing anyways. Just pictures of kinda naked girls.

Maybe they should have put their efforts into the grass....

rdgneoz32769d ago

Efforts into the grass? They did for the magazines.

bobcostus2769d ago

Grass looks great on PC. :)

tony67672769d ago

but there is also lesbian girls so they should be happy :)

BadKarmaSutra962769d ago

Every woman is just 1 drink away from a lesbian experience.

Akagi2769d ago

What's it like pretending to be a girl over the internet?

T3MPL3TON 2769d ago

Baaaaaaaw there are boobies and no penises. It's not like they marketed this game to chicks. It isn't called cuddly cuddly fun times. It's Mafia II guys in the mob had women booze and guns. You want to live out the 50's woman lifestyle? You want a fair shake in a game about men for men? Get in the kitchen and make my ass a sandwich. Because that's what you'd be doing in the 50's.

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TrevorPhillips2769d ago

I got 50 playboy magazines to collect ;)

playstation_clan2769d ago

well, looks like i gotta look at playboy for a trophy.


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ChronoJoe2769d ago

Er... probably not, but you'd think so reading some peoples comments. Heh.

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