Capcom Set To Take Over Your DS With Okamiden and Ghost Trick

Capcom is getting set to unleash a double shot of awesome into your DS this fall with the release of Okamiden and Ghost Trick. One is the sequel to the unique and original fan favorite, while the other is a new IP from the creators of the Ace Attorney series. We sat down with the producers of both titles (and their translators) to get an insight into just how and why Capcom will soon be holding your Nintendo DS captive.

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CrzyFooL3037d ago

I think all the awesome stuff Capcom has coming up might even make people forget about Lost Planet 2. :-p

El_Colombiano3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

Why on earth would you want to forget about Lost Planet 2?

EDIT: I actually liked it very much. The co-op was great! Although it was a bit flawed.

T9X693037d ago

Honestly I thought Lost Planet 2 was horrible.

Sandwich Bender3037d ago

For the longest I assumed that Ghost Trick was some sort of skateboarding game.

CrzyFooL3037d ago

Hah, I smell a new franchise coming on . . .

jaredhart3037d ago

I don't game on the DS. That being said, I hope Capcom focuses more on making better games for PS3/360.

bfenty3037d ago

Finally some love for the DS!

Lucreto3037d ago

I will be getting both. I hope for collectors edition as well.

CrzyFooL3037d ago

Okami fans are pretty devoted. Ghost trick is sure to have a following as well. It's already big in Japan.

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