Lair Preview - "The controls certainly make the game feel more engaging"

The latest preview of Lair is from An Australian site. They had a hand's on impression of the game and have a preview up. Jason Hill writes :

"First impressions are brilliant. Controlling your dragon mount is intuitive, with your majestic, hulking steed banking left and right responsively according to your joypad tilting.

The controls certainly make the game (at least initially) feel more engaging."

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MK_Red3845d ago (Edited 3845d ago )

I think this is the most "In your face EGM" article posted here. Great find.

Update: After finishing the article I think that Lair's motion sensetive controls are a new experience but still need work and the article makes the game look much better than a 5.5/10 rated game.

LSDARBY3845d ago

I dont know whether to get this or Warhawk

jay33845d ago

Or if you can only get one then...

Warhawk if you dig Online MP

And Lair if, obviously, you prefer story. Does Lair have Online MP?

MK_Red3845d ago

LOL at the meaningless disagree (A personal question getting disagree!?). Someone just disagreed with first 2 posts.

Also, I personally suggest Lair since its from Factor 5, is great looking and has both singleplayer and multiplayer.

DaTrooF3845d ago

i thought lair didn't have online playing.
did i miss something?

IPlayGames3845d ago

This is sonyslave from G4
Add me PSN: Masta13

texism3845d ago (Edited 3845d ago )

honestly, i think i believe the EGM guys a little more. Lair reminds me of red steel in a way. Wii Fanboys flammed when reviewers said it sucked. They wanted it to be all that, but it just wasnt. It was a decent game, just like lair is going to be. But i dont think lair is going to be 8.5+ out of 10 material.

2 cents

Hatchetforce3845d ago

The problem is previews on various sites and one other review didn't have an issue with the controls. We aren't talking about fanboys disagreeing with EGM, though they certainly do, we are discussing other MORE REPUTABLE online sites than EGM/1up.

EGM themselves know there is an issue or else they would not have responded. It isn't like the magazine isn't in trouble financially...they are.

EGM is in the sweat box. If IGN's review winds up like their preview, if Gamespot's review winds up like their preview, if Game Informer's review winds up like their preview then EGM's credibility goes farther out the window than it already is.

It also doesn't help when their 'clarification' listed one of the good points as one of the items that was an issue in the original review.

WoodyWood093844d ago

That is hilarious..........So you believe one media publication because it is nagative....LOL not if that wasn't a fanboy statement I don't know what is...thanks for the laugh! You must be young because it is about preference you do know all people think different right just because one person doesn't like doesn't mean another feels the same way.

texism3844d ago (Edited 3844d ago )

To Woody

1. Shut Up
2. Learn what the word "opinion" means.
3. Try to understand what you read.
4. Revise your sentence construction.

Seriously though Woody, did you even understand what you said in your own post? First, you call me a fanboy for believing the EGM guys. Then you say that it's all about preference and that what one person doesn't like is not the way another feels about it. So what's so wrong with me believing the EGM guys then? Do you even see the level of stupidity in your self-contradiction? Maybe you're the fanboy.

Marty83703845d ago (Edited 3845d ago )

Uncharted, Lair, Warhawk & Heavenly Sword are must have's for PS3

PStriple7033845d ago

and i'm getting all three

resistance1003845d ago

Yep and add Uncharted: Drakes fortune to that list and you have 4 kick ass 1st party titles ^_^


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