Best Cosplay at gamescom - Rosalina

Cosplay characters at gamescom are very common. But this hot version of Rosalina got some special attention. And she demonstrated that a princess has some experience on the Mario Kart Circuits. A true gamer girl.

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Miroque3012d ago

I love the artistic picture with the rose!

MariaHelFutura3012d ago

I like the one with the Pentgram over her left eye.

Acquiescence3012d ago

where Rosalina gets her tits out for the lads.

Sorano3012d ago

I think she looks cool, because she doesn't need to show tits and looks awesome!

Quagmire3012d ago

looks like somone forgot rule 34

portablegaming3012d ago

I must say WOW! That is an awesome one. The hair is perfect.

Nibbler3012d ago

i have said the same thing to her, but she was a little dissappointed with it which i can't understand why, it looks just like the real Rosalina.

Schneestern3012d ago

truly a good and professional cosplay. liked it very much!

Sorano3012d ago

Is that an official one from Nintendo? 0_o?

Nibbler3012d ago

No, but many people tought she was an official nintendo PR girl, especially when she was walking near the nintendo hall.

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The story is too old to be commented.