Heavenly Sword - Legend of the Sword Video Part 2 and Making of Heavenly Sword Part 2

Second part of the animated short that explains game storyline and how the Heavenly Sword came to earth.

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TnS3869d ago

I included the second making of video because not everyone is member of the Gamer Advisory Panel.

MK_Red3869d ago

Thanks! I can watch it now. Great videos.

LSDARBY3869d ago

The making of videos are mint, im not liking the anime. But theyve got one hell of an artist working for them, they better be paying him well lol.

ALIEN3869d ago

They have a great artist working for them. Can't wait till this game comes out.

timmyp533869d ago

ill wait to thursday to watch it on my HD t.v after downloading from the PSN

s8anicslayer3869d ago

is part two on the psn yet! the first was too short

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