Collector’s Edition round-up of this year’s upcoming games (17!); highlights, prices, release dates

Many blockbuster games are lined up for release from September through December 2010 for the holiday season. Gamers will have to decide which of the games they will be dedicated their time to, as well as which Collector’s Editions they will be spending their hard earned cash on (or putting on their wish list). Game publishers are going all out to offer tempting Collector’s Edition and Limited Edition games. From $79.99 to as high as $149.99 for one specially packaged game, choose wisely and see which one(s) you have the shelf space for. From the uber cool and creative to the bizarre, check out the offerings in the Collector’s Edition games coming soon!

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The_Claw2803d ago

i cant believe theyre not packaging the official logitech driving force gt wheel with GT5.

juniordee2803d ago (Edited 2803d ago )

You do realize that wheel is like $150 right? That means they would have to give away GT5 for free and lose over $50 on every purchase.

I can't believe you want a new game + a $150 wheel for just $100...and complain about it.

The_Claw2803d ago
actually its $130, and when did i ever say i wanted both for $100???? they could sell both for full retail and id still pay it ($190). it just seems odd they wouldnt even give us the option, being its the official wheel of gt5.

All_4_One2803d ago

Wow, these look really nice. Assassins Creed Brotherhood, GT5, Fable 3, LBP2, Halo: Reach, Fallout and more all look like extremely high quality collectors editions.

-Judge_Fudge2803d ago

fallout new vegas LE will be copped

Chapulin2803d ago

gonna get LBP2 collectors edition.

Weaksauce11382803d ago

I think its the best one, book ends for your game collection? Brilliant!

AliTheBrit192803d ago


If I was a wealthy man -.-

2803d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.