Medal of Honor Final Candidate MP Gameplay

New multiplayer map in the snowy mountain peaks of Afghanistan.

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HarryMonogenis2861d ago

It still has that horrible rag doll physics going on. :(

PS: I'm trying to say that the rag doll they're using is bad- not rag doll physics in general.

HSx92861d ago

Call of Duty and Bad Company took a shit, THE CONSEQUENCES WILL NEVER BE THE SAME!

Blackpool2861d ago

i dont care i know im gonna get disagrees but are u serious blackops is not even gonna be good as this.. i bet money in blackops were gonna see campers with toy cars,15$ map packs and glitches and bugs same as mw2.. so its not the same developer but activision is the owner and they say what they want..

socomnick2861d ago

This just looks outright terrible.

What DICE needs to do is look at bf1943.

Give us a retail version of bf 1943, 13 island maps that are bigger, increased playercount to 48. No silly noob indicator telling you where the enemy planes are when you are flying. Alot more vehicles. No air raids/

NYPunkster2861d ago

MP looks amazing and a hell of a lot better than MW2.

Deputydon2860d ago

Atleast they got rid of the cheesy Orange banner around the XP that pops up. That made the game look even more generic and bland, not to mention just all around terrible. The orange felt so out of place.

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captain-obvious2861d ago

it looks nice but it still looks too much like BFBC2
add to that there is still no recoil

raztad2861d ago

"but still looks too much like BFBC2"

This is something I dont get buddy. It just look generic, you know like any generic modern militar shooter, MW for instance.

How can you tell if game looks like MW or BC2?

Pandamobile2861d ago

How can you not? There's distinct styles of gameplay for each.

captain-obvious2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

first of all you spawn on a team mate
there are classes
and that is just a small conquest mode map
the ""fight harder"" line shows up on BFBC2 also when you start losing

im mean it feels just like some kind of BFBC2 MOD
and this game is supposed to be a COD contender yet its slower compared to COD

this game looks nice when you look at it at those video but when i played the beta i didnt feel like its something stands out
and i dont think it well since there is just too much FPSs coming out soon
but the SP looks nice i gotta say that

so i dont know
but if i did get this game most likely i'll get it used of something
but i dont know im still on the fence about it

The_Claw2861d ago

um, m4's dont have that much recoil. plus its better that way, each shootout comes down to whos the better shot, not whos using the gun with the least amount of recoil.

Blackpool2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

i agree..dats why i like this game its 1 on 1 gun to gun..

captain-obvious2861d ago

i didnt get the chance to try an M4 but i did get the Chance to shoot some M16 and some other MG's a few times

but anyway
this is still a game
in real life its one shot and boom you are dead
this is a video game
heck you even get this health generating things in FPSs now a days

so yah there should be even a slight amount of recoil
because in real life there is no way in hell you'll get all your shots at the same spot if you went fully auto (just like we just saw in this game)

i mean yah its just a game

HQLocated1112861d ago

oh look its Bad Company 2 minus the destructible invironment

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