Retail Game Deals Round-up for Week of 8/22

Ex: Target, Toys R Us and Best Buy are all offering deals this week meant to get shoppers to make multiple purchases. Meanwhile, K-Mart is offering a hot deal on Mafia II releasing this week and a similar deal on Red Dead Redemption.

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deadreckoning6662797d ago

Bayonetta was $20 at Bestbuy this week. I got it on Friday =D

Queasy2797d ago

Looks like it is still there too. The PS3 version is backordered though.

mike90772797d ago

hey thanx for catching that i wanted that game and 20 buks is a great deal!

iheartSONY2797d ago

I might pick up Toy Story 3, @$20 off, for my son.

On second thought I should pick up Red Dead Redemption. Ya thats what Ill do.