BioShock - Plasmid Powers Trailer

Game Trailer posted a new trailer of BioShock for PC and Xbox 360

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Lightning Mr Bubbles4060d ago (Edited 4060d ago )

Seriously, another shooter. It looks like another typical XBOX 360 frag game with explotions and action running at 100 miles per hour.

I was hoping it was more of a survival horror/first person shooter. Like those monsters in big old fashion diving suits would lurk around slowly.

MK_Red4060d ago

Are you mental? This is one of the most anticipated games of the year and all true gamers from PS3 fans and other gamers are praising it. There are a lot of bad FPS games today but this is the only revolutionary one that some magazines and critics claim is better than original Half-Life, one of the top 3 best FPS games of all time. Your bashing of BioShock is as stupid as a few Xbox360 fanboys (Radical ones) bashing Lair and Heavenly Sword.

sjappie4060d ago

coming up with lots of arguments to downplay this game. It's actually pretty funny to see him making a fool of himself.

snoop_dizzle4060d ago

its the kind of thing that you have to play to believe.

monoknacker4060d ago

but seriously, how can you sayy this game doesn't look good. Give credit where it's due, irrational games have done an amazing job.

ShiftyLookingCow4060d ago

Say Hello to my Little Friend: Ignore List.

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BLACKJACK VII4060d ago (Edited 4060d ago )

Sweet Plasmids. Love the demo, you can see this same trailer in HD after you finish it.

Bioshock Rocks !!!

tony4060d ago

this is the first time in my gaming lifetime that i had play a demo more than one time. actually 3 time, and i'm ready to play again. this game is freaking addictive. it's just awesome.

ShiftyLookingCow4060d ago

crackdown was another, for many PS3 guys it was Heavenly Sword

persian_prince4060d ago

im glad that ppl break up 1 video clip into different parts and pass it off as new videos on new posts as news.

kewlkat0074060d ago

The excitement and fear all in one, trying to survive. The sound is really good and is creepy, just my type of game.

Here is what one guy posted:

"I'm a proud Wii owner but this game makes me want to go get an Xbox 360, if I can just get over my hate for Microsoft. Should I get it? My instinct says yeah."

Anyone thinks this game might push some consoles..initially after the Hard-core gamers jump in and the new falcon boxes arrive?

I wouldn't doubt it..

Being able to control the environment in all sorts of ways with the Plasmid Powers, seems really neat. This is how Starwars games should of been, when using the powers force. This game is now a must get if you own an XBOX 360 IMO.

Lightning - " I was hoping it was more of a survival horror/first person shooter. Like those monsters in big old fashion diving suits would lurk around slowly."
Now WTF does that mean? This world is genetically altered then just slow zombies. Why do you want all horror games to be the same, and have everything walk slow?, what would be the point of doing something different?

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