Video Games Must Stop Trying to Be Sexy - It's Not Working

Digital double-D's in video games? Just not doing it like the real things.

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Duke_Silver3038d ago

The problem with me is that rather than try to be sexy, most games end up being slutty like DOA

0mega43038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

but i also like my virtual women to be busty and beautiful

you must be a prude cause GOW Aphrodite was one sexy bisexual woman

AAACE53038d ago

There are ways to make a game sexy, it's just that developers haven't figured out how to do it yet! One problem is that they try to make characters seem like some mythical goddess, when they should just keep it simple and make a character we can all relate to.

Lara Croft is a joke in my book! When the first game came out, she did a few things that gamers liked... primarily crawling on all fours. They changed that! With the advances in graphical power, I thought they would have fixed her face to look more like a normal person, but she still looks like an alien! It just shocks me that they haven't realized that not updating the character and gameplay are hurting the game.

DOA tried to get in tune with everyone's sexual side. The girls were meant to fit pretty much everyone's fetish. Even the DOA extreme game was meant to do the same, where if you listen to the stuff they say, it can be translated to something sexual. For instance, one of the girls says, "Easy now, not too fast!" If you don't get that one, you must be a virgin! On the other side, the guys are suppose to be the type of guys that women want... I guess!

Anyway, hopefully one day they will figure it out! I am sick of games that screw themselves up trying to throw in sexiness while the rest of the game suffers!

Tachyon_Nova3038d ago

"Digital double-D's in video games? Just not doing it like the real things" Thus, 3D gaming is born.

BeardedGamerShow3038d ago

Agreed, God of War is filled with boobs, none of them sexy.

NnT32913038d ago

Aphrodite is pretty hot imo Xd

Nerox33038d ago

god of war doesnt try to attract gamers by trying to make the game sexy
the game is already awesome...its just an feature
whereas bayonetta is cheaply trying to satisfy idiots who buy the game....
but at least aphrodite was hot :P

Shoko3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

Not to mention that some video game chicks make for some good cosplay

But I know what he means. Most of the time, the sexiness is fail. The thing is, it's not like that in every video game. Some devs get it right, like Naughty Dog with Chloe.

BeardedGamerShow3038d ago

Cosplay is different, those are real, sexy women.

Shoko3038d ago

Based off of video game characters......

Tachyon_Nova3038d ago

@ Shoko - Yeah, but the point the author is making still stands, that videogames just cannot emulate what the real thing can do.

kthsdlr3038d ago

Outfits can be sexy. Polygons? Eh.

Rubang3038d ago

You better not be talking shit about the Dark Queen from Battletoads. Otherwise, I agree. And what's with the random Scott Pilgrim-bashing?

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The story is too old to be commented.