GF 07: Microsoft wants to 'Disrupt' Industry like Nintendo Wii & DS did

As Nintendo was starting to introduce Wii to the industry (when it was still called Revolution), they constantly used the buzzword "disrupt." Nintendo President Satoru Iwata said the Nintendo DS was "disrupting development" and Wii was meant to "disrupt console gaming" -- and that's exactly how Microsoft phrased their three-pronged approach to expanding the videogame market at Gamefest 2007.

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MK_Red4055d ago

Oh God no. I hope they don't try expanding the market with rush of casual games and killing hardcore.

Kyur4ThePain4055d ago

you can bet they'll go there.

boi4055d ago

I don't know about u guys but i do think 360 is too late for that or else they wud've did that when it came out...and the 360 hardware sales doesn't seem like it can its been out a year before Wii/Ps3 and the sales figures doesn't seem too impressive

maybe they can for the next console but for this I don't think they can (sorry im not a fanboy just stating what I see)

MK_Red4055d ago

They are doing their best. Viva Pinata Party Animal (Original VP was a great game), Scene It and more.

bootsielon4055d ago

It's not in their DNA. Which is funny, since they say other companies lack the DNA they have (and thank goodnesS). Truth stings, right MSFT?

xmod4055d ago

And who's going to lead this strategy? The new guy from EA who replaced Moore? LMAO. Good luck.

sajj3164055d ago

When I saw 3 Red Rings. Almost gave me a heart attack but restarting the system seemed to work.

If MS wants to disrupt things, make the hardware reliable. Keep doing what you are doinh with software and XBL. You'll disrupt the industry alright.

Lightning Mr Bubbles4055d ago (Edited 4055d ago )

It was easy for them to make a crappy console that's totally different. Affordable and with waggle controller that appealed to casual people. They had nothing to loose.

Nintendo had no choice but to disrupt, they certainly couldn't match. I wouldn't over do it yet, just because Wii has been selling good but it's still early. PS3 and 360 are high defintion consoles and the high definition era is just getting started.

Rooftrellen4055d ago

Nintendo learned not to try to match, faster than Microsoft did. The PS2 beat them both badly, but it was a greatly inferior console. Microsoft stayed the course and Nintendo changed.

Now the 360 and PS3 are trying to show how great their consoles can be with all the extra power and non-gaming stuff, just as the Xbox and GC did last gen.

Nintendo stopped competing because they saw what the little console could do. Microsoft is just now learning, but it's too late for the 360. Maybe next time.

G_CodeMonkey4055d ago

The casual market of the Wii isn't getting the attach rate that the 360 is getting. And grandma at the nursing home won't be buying Zelda, or even the Wii Fit--can you imagine the old folks they show in their commercials trying to balance on that board? Don't get me wrong, I've got a 360 and a Wii, but the 360 gets my time. Wii Sports is sweet, but outside Mario Galaxy I don't see buying a lot (and it sounds like now not many folks are buying third party Wii titles). gCM

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The story is too old to be commented.