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It's Official. PGR 4 is Delayed.

As reported earlier today, there was rumor of PGR 4 being delayed. XF has just learned that it has been finalized. There is a delay. The new release date has been changed to October 2nd or 3rd. (Project Gotham Racing 4, Xbox 360)
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THC CELL  +   2938d ago
thats a shame

I hope there removing the bikes
TriggerHappy  +   2938d ago
This is going to be big, am not a racing fan so it does not really affect me.
JokesOnYou  +   2938d ago
ha this is big?
with Forza2 released only a few months ago and having huge sales combined with plenty of demos and Bioshock release next week are you sony kids seriously acting as if a two week delay is big news, nice try, this is just a sign of how desperate sony kids have begun, poo-ray doesnt have shiii to play and the online stuff is weaksauce and every game is delayed= delaystation, ha ha sony kids your desperation is growing= blame sony

Hatchetforce  +   2938d ago
Well Jokes on you, it looks like you can dish it but you can't take it. It was all fun and games when PS3 titles were delayed. Now the shoe is on the other foot and you are having a fit. I love it.

And pooray? Is that the best you can manage? How unoriginal. You have a forum open to the world and the best you can muster is pooray.

Guess what, the joke is you.
sjappie  +   2938d ago
The games delayed for ps3, that we had so much fun about were multiplatform, coming out a month, two months after the 360 version. Now that's fun! You get to play games after are finished with them. It's not the same as when an exclusive game gets delayed two weeks.
It's interesting that you fail to see that difference yourself, I think the joke's actually on you.
cookiemonster  +   2938d ago
I didn't even know when PGR4 was coming out in the first place. It hasn't been delayed by much. Still coming out before the holidays.
Hatchetforce  +   2938d ago
You can split hairs if you want slappie. A delay is a delay. I don't have an issue with it. I have an issue with this joke flailing over being attacked by fanboys when a 360 game is delayed. I could care less about the game per se as racing games don't mean a thing to me.

But he can't stand some ribbing. You also apparently are trying to justify his remarks which means you approve of the attacks on Sony (retarded) and his infantile remarks.

The original Xbox, which I own had games that came out YEARS after they were on the PS2. It has happened to everyone and will happen to all consoles. It doesn't affect me as I own a PS3 and a 360 with another on the way. But would you rather play Ninja Gaiden or Ninja Gaiden Sigma?

How does playing a game after it has been out for a while change the game experience? Do you have one of those egos that is only stroked by being able to tell everyone you are playing the latest game? You need to go outside and play until you get some hair on your chest and your testicles drop. Grow up.

If anyone here is playing fanboy it is you and your buddy. While you are at it get a PS3. These delays won't be the standard with more devs everyday getting a better handle on the PS3 and it begins to flex some muscle.
Gamespot-equals-EGM  +   2938d ago
Big deal
As long as PGR4 comes out during the holiday season, who really cares.

But if it were Bioshock or Halo 3 that would be a different story. But Oct 2nd, 3rd isn't too bad at all.
Anything but Cute  +   2938d ago
Another XBOX 360 delay. Seriously did this game really affect things? This game reeks. It's a really weak franchise. Even the most hardcore XBOX 360 fanboy would agree. Not loosing out on much here.
sticky doja  +   2938d ago
Looks like you have been having fun with photoshop
Do you honestly think Rockstar are not going to develop anymore on other systems?
Ignorant Fanboy  +   2938d ago
The only difference is,
We have games to play while we wait. You have no games to play while you wait. So your right, this doesnt matter at all.
novaIS350  +   2938d ago
but I gues lorenzferus and company have...
They have consoles while they wait, while you guys are waiting for your consoles to get shipped back from MS. I kid, I kid.
Mr Murda  +   2938d ago
all this hatin'
PGR gets knocked all the time, but I think it's a lot of fun. No, it's not a realistic racing sim, but it's not supposed to be. It's all about fast cars with challenging tracks, and bad ass online play. If anything the PGR series is underrated. For a racing game the graphics and gameplay have always been above par.

This delay isn't that big of a deal for the 360 or Bizarre. There is plenty to keep our attention til' this delay is over, and we're still playing Forza and DIRT (both great games in their own right).

For real though, I haven't bought a PS3 game since Motorstorm. I am WAITING! Damnit!
progx  +   2938d ago
Douchebag, ps3 has had way more delays then 360. Enjoy waiting beyond.
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IQUITN4G  +   2938d ago
PG4 is class and has a huge following.
sjappie  +   2938d ago
I normally don't even like racing games,
but I really liked PGR3, it was so much fun, especially online. I can't wait to play PGR4 so I'm not too happy with this delay.
marionz  +   2938d ago
one important thing to remember
delayed on 360 = a little bit longer to get the game perfect

delayed on the ps3 = sh!t how do we make this fcuking game work!

and for those ps3 fans that b!tch about this game, go look at some trailers, textures and weather effects rain on cars, all look awesome and probably couldnt be doen on ps3 with the memory restrictions

ahhh im so bizy with good games like bioshock! trust me a delay is no problem!
Anything but Cute  +   2937d ago
No, Rockstar won't stop developing for other consoles
I'm sure they will bring more Table Tennis, Midnight Club, Bully multi platform. Just that the real good stuff will be on PS3 first.
Tone  +   2937d ago
What you on about, this game is going to be fun, looks good and reeks of class :D
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sticky doja  +   2938d ago
I'm not a racing fan either
But they didn't even state how they found out? Or any credible source that confirms the delay.
batman2million  +   2938d ago
oh no! what will MS ever do!? This September seems hopeless! what game will the xbox 360 have if there is no PGR 4?

oh thats right..halo 3.
hotshot1237  +   2938d ago
its funny how microsoft was hyping up all these games that was supposed to come out
this fall. i bet they knew it wasnt gonna come out but told everyone that so they could boost sales only to get people to get the system. and people make jokes about ps3 delaying games but dont ever look at 360. call me a fanboy or w/e because i could really care less. im gonna say what ever is on my mind. so take bubbles, add bubbles, agree or dissagree, make fun of me or not. microsoft tells lies to but just in a cover up sneaky way. i dont care but someone has to speak the truth
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jay3  +   2938d ago
What is this, like, the only game that's been delayed for 360?

Aside from GTA of course which is Sonys fault.

Youre the liar dude.

Get over the fact that 360 fans have stuff to do, and look at these comments, no one is that desperate for this game. This story to fans is just a "Well, would you look at that?" kind of thing.
kn  +   2938d ago
Um, October is still fall. And this delay is rather short in the grand scheme of things. I wouldn't be surprised if they pushed it later to avoid stepping on Halo toes. Regardless there are so many good games this fall on the 360 I'm going to have to get a job as the wal-mart greeter to pay for the extra games. Oh, snap, you already took that job.
ryanjtravis  +   2937d ago
@ kn
I'm no fanboy (I have a 360 and a PS3) but that comment about the Wal-Mart greeter was completely hilarous. Very funny stuff man - have a bubble. :)
jay3  +   2938d ago
1 word...

I was gonna get this if i could, but i don't think any of us are severely disappointed, got tons of other stuff anyway/
Double-Edged  +   2938d ago
I say.. release it on december
I'm broke as it is...

and to be honest....

in my personal whatever... I'd rather have this game to be a christmas present than any other 360 game...multiplatform or Exclusive.

Meus Renaissance  +   2938d ago
No PlayStation 3 owner can say here anything other than "Welcome to our World"
DrPirate  +   2938d ago
Now you have a taster of what it's like on the other side :(

If only goddam warhawk and heavenly sword would just get here :(

Like someone said, at least you guys have demos and things to do while you wait.

Also, too bad for PGR4, but I suppose in the end, it's all to make a better game.
supaet  +   2938d ago
makes perfect sense, this is a marketing delay...

look, since october is no longer owned by gta4, what's the point of publishing two high profile games in a single month when one of them is halo?

this is perfect for microsoft gaming studio.
august: blue dragon
sept: halo
oct: pgr4
nov: mass effect
dec: lost odyssey.

how doesn't that make the perfect sense? sony owners are so pathetic...try to be more unbias...please...
Imknow1  +   2937d ago
You forgot Bioshock :D
San anto  +   2938d ago
im guessin the 360 owners wont really care about the delay.
redsymphony  +   2938d ago
red symphony
delays meh!!! most great games are delayed, delays for sony and nintendo is normal nothing new
PS360WII  +   2938d ago
Yea it's not the end of the world. To thoughs knocking on this game I'm not to sure about that. While I am not a big racing fan a few of my friends only play racing games and they have nothing but props for PGR. However, while a delay is always looked bad upon it's still a good thing for it only means they are improving on the game
Lightning Mr Bubbles  +   2938d ago
Shut up XBOTS
Project Gotham Racing was delayed into 2008. So don't say it's a marketing delay.
supaet  +   2938d ago
I can't believe the great ps3 have pathetic supporter like you.

delayed to october, where the hell you come up with 2008?
Lightning Mr Bubbles  +   2938d ago
Once October comes
it's gonna get delayed again.
supaet  +   2938d ago
yep, so will every ps3 game.

Looking forward to play ff13 in the next decade, you can screw your avatar now.
Morbius420  +   2938d ago
Go play on your DustStation. A$$wipes like you are what turned me off on the Sony brand to begin with.
Whoooop  +   2938d ago
I think this game is better off delayed
or pushed back to a 2008 release..

IMO 360 owners had enough of car racing with Forza 2 (some are still playing it) for this year.

I know PGR is going to sell, but a good amount of people will spend their money this year on other games like HALO, Madden, Bioshock, masseffect etc.

So I think (my opinion) that if they move PGR to december or even 2008, that should give 360 owners a chance to save some money and by that time forza will be old and a good racing game like PGR4 would be good to buy..

my opinion I could be wrong.

Nothing I wrote matters though, because they delayed the game till october sooooo who cares???
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Morbius420  +   2938d ago
But by 2008 Burnout will be out. Why do they need to space games apart anyway? I think most people can and will buy more than one game a month. Gaming is an expensive hobby.
Tone  +   2937d ago
Forza 2 Rocks!
People will be playing Forza 2 for a long time to come on live... simple as that :)

Am looking forward to PGR4 and the delay is no biggie.. 2 weeks or so, wow.. nothing to even break a sweat over!
Jack Bauer  +   2938d ago
it was delayed till early october...from what? a mid september date?...you people act like it's the end of the workd for the 360 ...it was delayed 2 weeks lmao...the PS fanbots shine again.
tudors  +   2938d ago
Too busy....
Playing the bioshock demo.
Whoooop  +   2938d ago
Apparently you ain't that busy
to actually take time to login to N4G, look for this news and post that..

If you were that busy, you wouldn't post here in the first place..

Enjoy the demo.
MaximusPrime  +   2938d ago
ha now xbox360 get a delayed game.

too bad. too bad.
zonetrooper5  +   2938d ago
Oh well, it got delayed by a few weeks, funny how sony fanboys already food this news post. The bikes and the cars look awesome, great racing game btw, just don't hate on it because your a fanboy.
ParaDise_LosT  +   2938d ago
"The only difference is,We have games to play while we wait. You have no games to play while you wait. So your right, this doesnt matter at all. "
What he said :P
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Marceles  +   2938d ago
As long as it's not delayed until July '08 like GT5, I can wait. There's already enough good games coming out for the PS3 and 360 as it is. This'll give my wallet a little break as it is.

Madden, Bioshock, Blue Dragon, Warhawk, Heavenly Sword, Lair...I just bought my 360 elite 5 days ago, my wallet is exhausted
djt23  +   2938d ago
this is good new to me
DrRage77  +   2938d ago
delayed LESS than one month...oh no!! lol
its funny how sony fanboys are jumping all over this as if the delay has pushed this game back to 2008, like a majority of all the "great" ps3 games they are still waiting for....PGR4 is delayed until October 2nd or 3rd of THIS YEAR....it has been pushed back less than ONE MONTH...lol wow, how in the world will we ever cope with this long delay??? hey, let's compare the number of games delayed for the 360 vs the number of games delayed for ps3....

keep laughing all you delaystation3 owners!!! LOL
Jack Bauer  +   2938d ago
i dont recall a date ever having been given....


if the said Summer 07... it would be a 10 or so day delay.........................

if they said september 07... it would be a 2 to 3 day delay........................

"OMGZ im a Sony Fanboy and PGR was delayed by 2 hours...omgz the 360 is screwed, the 360 will fail...the PS3 Double Pwns all, woooooo."...thats what you guys sound like.
vgchica  +   2938d ago
Read the article.
The date is mentioned in the full article. I agree it's not like it's a huge delay like GTA IV, but there was a date mentioned.
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bootsielon  +   2938d ago
Who cares...
Another GT clone.
sjappie  +   2938d ago
Haha, you're funny.
PGR and GT are two totally different games, everybody, except you, knows that. If you don't know what you're talkin' about, please be silent.
FirstknighT  +   2938d ago
Damn this sucks for me since I love PGR! :(

Oh well...I guess I'm stuck playing Halo 3, Bioshock, Mass Effect, Madden (60fps), etc... :)
BIadestarX  +   2938d ago
Wait a second... I know this game was delayed... and i see all the Sony fanboys going up and down of joy... but the game was delayed until when... next year? NOPE!

"The new release date has been changed to October 2nd or 3rd" ahhh ahahaha!

"its funny how microsoft was hyping up all these games that was supposed to come out" you mean all the games that were going to come out "THIS YEAR"? that like less than 1 month delay.... they obviously did that.. so they can market the game well.. and to prevent Halo 3 from overshadowing PGR4 launch....

Besides, xbox 360 gamers still have Forza 2.... you sony fanboys shouldn't even be talking.. what do you have? Motorstorm!? ahhhhhhhh ahaha. And worst of all you are not getting anything in this department until what.. next year?
Kyur4ThePain  +   2938d ago
And that makes you feel better?
The fact that Sony fans also have delayed games?
That's what you're thinking when you go to bed at night?
Not the fact that PGR has been delayed, but the fact that other games for another console are delayed?
You really are sad, my friend.

PS - You need to be careful when talking about "sony fanboys"...you do realize that the majority of them haven't even purchased a PS3 yet, don't you? There's a lot of demand out there for the PS3 that has yet to be realized.
Unlike MS who abandoned the XBox, The PS2 is still VERY much alive, with GREAT games still rolling in faster than any other console.
MS has already capitalized on all their original XBox customers.

So, they actually have a lot to look forward to.
#27.1 (Edited 2938d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Universal 08  +   2938d ago
hey Kyur4ThePain, the only reason Microsoft left the first Xbox is because with the 360 we can actually pay for our systems, unlike the majority of Playstation owners. Since the PS3 costs so much that is why the PS2 is still there.
Gamer13  +   2938d ago
October is a nice date, i thought it would be delayed into 2008.
Still a nice date.

IM OUT...///"""
Schmitty07  +   2938d ago
This isn't reall that big of a deal
As long as I get it this year.
JIN KAZAMA  +   2938d ago
should actually be called PGR3, because the first PGR3 was just PGR2, with a little updated graphics.
Optimus Prime  +   2938d ago
That was a very intelligent comment by Jin.
No wait nevermind, that wouldnt happen.
InMyOpinion  +   2937d ago
He probably believes 2pac is alive as well lol!
nobizlikesnowbiz  +   2937d ago
Such an dumb turd.
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