It's Official. PGR 4 is Delayed.

As reported earlier today, there was rumor of PGR 4 being delayed. XF has just learned that it has been finalized. There is a delay. The new release date has been changed to October 2nd or 3rd.

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THC CELL4058d ago

thats a shame

I hope there removing the bikes

TriggerHappy4058d ago

This is going to be big, am not a racing fan so it does not really affect me.

JokesOnYou4058d ago

with Forza2 released only a few months ago and having huge sales combined with plenty of demos and Bioshock release next week are you sony kids seriously acting as if a two week delay is big news, nice try, this is just a sign of how desperate sony kids have begun, poo-ray doesnt have shiii to play and the online stuff is weaksauce and every game is delayed= delaystation, ha ha sony kids your desperation is growing= blame sony


Hatchetforce4058d ago

Well Jokes on you, it looks like you can dish it but you can't take it. It was all fun and games when PS3 titles were delayed. Now the shoe is on the other foot and you are having a fit. I love it.

And pooray? Is that the best you can manage? How unoriginal. You have a forum open to the world and the best you can muster is pooray.

Guess what, the joke is you.

sjappie4058d ago

The games delayed for ps3, that we had so much fun about were multiplatform, coming out a month, two months after the 360 version. Now that's fun! You get to play games after are finished with them. It's not the same as when an exclusive game gets delayed two weeks.
It's interesting that you fail to see that difference yourself, I think the joke's actually on you.

cookiemonster4058d ago

I didn't even know when PGR4 was coming out in the first place. It hasn't been delayed by much. Still coming out before the holidays.

Hatchetforce4057d ago

You can split hairs if you want slappie. A delay is a delay. I don't have an issue with it. I have an issue with this joke flailing over being attacked by fanboys when a 360 game is delayed. I could care less about the game per se as racing games don't mean a thing to me.

But he can't stand some ribbing. You also apparently are trying to justify his remarks which means you approve of the attacks on Sony (retarded) and his infantile remarks.

The original Xbox, which I own had games that came out YEARS after they were on the PS2. It has happened to everyone and will happen to all consoles. It doesn't affect me as I own a PS3 and a 360 with another on the way. But would you rather play Ninja Gaiden or Ninja Gaiden Sigma?

How does playing a game after it has been out for a while change the game experience? Do you have one of those egos that is only stroked by being able to tell everyone you are playing the latest game? You need to go outside and play until you get some hair on your chest and your testicles drop. Grow up.

If anyone here is playing fanboy it is you and your buddy. While you are at it get a PS3. These delays won't be the standard with more devs everyday getting a better handle on the PS3 and it begins to flex some muscle.

Gamespot-equals-EGM4057d ago

As long as PGR4 comes out during the holiday season, who really cares.

But if it were Bioshock or Halo 3 that would be a different story. But Oct 2nd, 3rd isn't too bad at all.

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Anything but Cute4058d ago

Another XBOX 360 delay. Seriously did this game really affect things? This game reeks. It's a really weak franchise. Even the most hardcore XBOX 360 fanboy would agree. Not loosing out on much here.

sticky doja4058d ago

Do you honestly think Rockstar are not going to develop anymore on other systems?

Ignorant Fanboy4058d ago

We have games to play while we wait. You have no games to play while you wait. So your right, this doesnt matter at all.

novaIS3504058d ago

They have consoles while they wait, while you guys are waiting for your consoles to get shipped back from MS. I kid, I kid.

Mr Murda4058d ago

PGR gets knocked all the time, but I think it's a lot of fun. No, it's not a realistic racing sim, but it's not supposed to be. It's all about fast cars with challenging tracks, and bad ass online play. If anything the PGR series is underrated. For a racing game the graphics and gameplay have always been above par.

This delay isn't that big of a deal for the 360 or Bizarre. There is plenty to keep our attention til' this delay is over, and we're still playing Forza and DIRT (both great games in their own right).

For real though, I haven't bought a PS3 game since Motorstorm. I am WAITING! Damnit!

progx4058d ago (Edited 4058d ago )

Douchebag, ps3 has had way more delays then 360. Enjoy waiting beyond.

IQUITN4G4058d ago

PG4 is class and has a huge following.

sjappie4058d ago

but I really liked PGR3, it was so much fun, especially online. I can't wait to play PGR4 so I'm not too happy with this delay.

marionz4057d ago

delayed on 360 = a little bit longer to get the game perfect

delayed on the ps3 = sh!t how do we make this fcuking game work!

and for those ps3 fans that b!tch about this game, go look at some trailers, textures and weather effects rain on cars, all look awesome and probably couldnt be doen on ps3 with the memory restrictions

ahhh im so bizy with good games like bioshock! trust me a delay is no problem!

Anything but Cute4057d ago

I'm sure they will bring more Table Tennis, Midnight Club, Bully multi platform. Just that the real good stuff will be on PS3 first.

Tone4056d ago (Edited 4056d ago )

What you on about, this game is going to be fun, looks good and reeks of class :D

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sticky doja4058d ago

But they didn't even state how they found out? Or any credible source that confirms the delay.

batman2million4058d ago

oh no! what will MS ever do!? This September seems hopeless! what game will the xbox 360 have if there is no PGR 4?

oh thats right..halo 3.