Times Square to host Maddenoliday tonight

Tonight, starting at 5:00PM, the Times Square festivities will be kicking off with the best Madden players going head to head, NFL stars including Jerome Bettis, Marshall Faulk, Jamal Anderson and Eric Dickerson making appearances, and an Xbox 360 Madden 08 ball drop at midnight. Maddenoliday, it's like Thanksgiving and Christmas rolled together mixed with a multi-million dollar marketing campaign and consumer craziness.

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harpua3870d ago

i just got an automated call from gamespot that they are having a midnite sale of madden and you can start coming in at 11PM. Um......I think i can wait till tomorrow to pick up.

LSDARBY3870d ago

I never knew this game was so big in the US.

Syko3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

I didn't know Soccer was considered a sport =P

Kidding, Kidding... I like "Football"(Soccer) it's just hard to catch any games televised in English over here in the states. Or you can watch 1 game of MLS a week, and the MLS is like the minor leagues compared to Europe.

But yeah Madden sell's an assload of units and We love "Football"(NFL) here in the states. It's a great game if you understand it. And don't mind being bombarded with T.V. commercials at an alarming rate compared to Soccer.

harpua3870d ago

yeah...........well..........I have madden 09 beta, so beat that.

ghettocheeze3870d ago

Halo or GTA is understandable but this freakin Madden who the hell needs to get one at midnight?

I'm gonna pick this up at Blockbuster as a rental tomorrow and guess what they are going to have a ton of these sitting on the shelf by the time I get their after work.

Is EA paying people to stand in line or what?

Cause I can think of a single reason to go out at night and even bother picking it up.

Farsendor13870d ago

the nfl is very popular over here in the states dont think even most hardcore gamers realize how large and popular this game really is.

but this one seems like one of the best madden games that have come out in a long time dont have the money to buy it right now. but will get it asap.