Soul Calibur IV Screens

Newly released screens for Soul Calibur IV which is due out on the PS3 and X360 sometime this year. Not much is known aabout these screens since they so are small.

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Azures3993d ago

this game will be delayed. count on it.

TriggerHappy3993d ago

Why is that ? Anyone know what engine this game is been built on ?

Marceles3993d ago

looks like namco and tecmo are fighting over the best boobage in a fighting game award

MK_Red3993d ago

Good one. Boobage!!

But really, the biggest of update of game so far seems these breast enlargments and graphically game looks to much like SC3 on PS2. I hope they really improve the game since its my fave fighting game after Mortal Kombat.

Danega_Sciphor3993d ago (Edited 3993d ago )

if not, it'll be the same as 360 (blah), or the 360 will have lip gloss for graphics, 360 graphix arent better at all, they just force the life out of the haze effect

The Panther3993d ago

you forgot the third possibility that it could be worse than the 360 version.

power of Green 3993d ago

You can already tell it has PS3 in mind its slightly bland and dull looking lets hope they take advantage of the 360's hardware on the 360 version.

Its missing somethng(glare, lighting, reflections)

Looks pretty good despite the haze-ish PS3 look.

Ps3 limit this title to a soft Anime art style.

Azures3993d ago

Its ALWAYS looked like that idiot, but nice try trying to drag down the ps3.

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL3993d ago

and fight topless! 80 YEAH. ;)

hikikimori3993d ago

The graphics look nice. It seems they have changed the 'look' of SC quite allot since last gen. It looks more 'classical' style in its art design, and I likes it!

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The story is too old to be commented.