Almost a Third of 360 Owners Don't Know Xbox Live Arcade Exists

Today Gamedaily present to you the first in a series of exclusive video game industry research columns from Frank N. Magid Associates. In this first segment, Magid points out that although a large number of Xbox 360 owners play online, nearly a third are not at all familiar with Xbox Live Arcade.

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power of Green 3990d ago

No kidding many people do not play online nor care about it, some people are so casual they buy the Core 360 aswell.

Azures3990d ago

And then they can't play GTA4.

Couldn't resist.

power of Green 3990d ago

You're not making any sense fanboy. The core was the first 360 i had didn't even have High speed internet at the time but i did buy the 20gig HDD for Oblivion back when i was told i needed it to play the title.

nasim3990d ago

and also you have to pay 50$ for useless online

when anyone can get HOME and TROPHIES for free on ps3

DrRage773990d ago (Edited 3990d ago )

why do you even waste anyones time with your stupid comments? you post the EXACT same comment on every single xbox360 article....get a life and go somewhere else you useless TROLL!!!!

time to ignore you because i am absolutely sick of seeing anything written by you since it never contributes anything to an actual discussion...

toughNAME3990d ago

do u get any kind of achievements watching movies?

no form of achievemnets the future..youll have trophies..which is really lame but hey its a start

BIadestarX3990d ago

What's your IQ? 60? XBox live silver accounts are free and can access the entire marketplace. Achivements? Those are not attached to xbox live marketplace dummy... you don't even have to sign on to get achivements... people can see them online.. Maybe Home will require to signup and walk into the room to see Trophies..
Try making sense.. you sound like a dumb fanboy that does not know what he is talking about.

sticky doja3990d ago

I am really suprised he still has as many bubbles as he does.

snoop_dizzle3990d ago

dude home isn't even out yet so you cant even compare it yet.

I think its probably going to be good but again home isn't even out yet.

JsonHenry3990d ago

I have to agree with this guy on the $50 point. I mean, I know that Sony's online experience is not exactly the best, but it is free and free is good. I can play games online with the PS3 for free. I like that idea. I also like the fact that millions of more people are likely to play online if it is free as well.

Oh well, I guess if you want the best you have to pay for it, huh? And the 360's online experience (at this time) is better than the competition.

ben hates you3990d ago

and every sony fanboy, you don't have to pay for online, you get access to every marketplace downloadable content through silver, and its free, you just can't play games online, i wish people would pay attention to the little facts

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JIN KAZAMA3990d ago

xbox owners are some of the dumbest people in world. They dont know the difference between their head and their ass!

predator3990d ago

just like you then yeah

nobizlikesnowbiz3990d ago

Ah Ha Ha. HAHA! HAh!




Are you jerking off in your cubicle, dreaming of games that one day may come to your BluRay player Jin?

Or maybe your dreaming of "dance fight off" with Eddy Gordo that ends up in a gay 3 way with you Eddy and ole' Jin.

RelloC3990d ago

the half naked man as an avatar wasnt bad enough, your rediculous post made you look even gayer.

Azures3990d ago (Edited 3990d ago )


Show some goddamn respect, that guy in his avatar is Tupac. Talk the crap you want about the poster, but don't take it out on the avatar.

edit: Its harder to find a pic of him with a shirt on quite honestly lol. Besides, your avatar makes you look like an asshole. "Sexy Inside", yea I'm sure you just radiate sexual magnetism there champ.

edit 2: good, that where you want it. as my friend says, the real way to pay respect to tupac isn't to buy his albums, its banging a chick doggy style in front of his poster. I'm not kidding, he really said that (he was very drunk).

RelloC3990d ago (Edited 3990d ago )

i know who he is tard.... but it IS still a half naked man.

edit: ok... ill give you the hard to find factor, since he hasnt taken a recent photo in over 10 years... but the only other time I saw that pose of him was on a chick's wall.

reaperxciv3990d ago

nasim's b1tch. Go get a life, bl00d cl0t!

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ZombiesNJ3990d ago

...people usually have no idea about many features in anything these days. They have no idea what the different resolutions are for HD TV, the functionality of PCs, and game consoles as well. We're the land of the simple minded people. Why do you think google's apps are so popular? People don't want to be bothered with figuring things out. They're lazy or just don't have the time or motivation to "play" with things or to read a manual. As a result, most of the products they buy don't get used with full functionality.

sticky doja3990d ago

Thats so funny. Out of those 149, how do they know they weren't talking to grandpa or grandma. How do they know they were talking to the person that plays the system. I doubt half of the people were the actual people who play the console. How many kids do you know that sit on a phone and do a survey? Their parents do it.

Also why don't I ever get polled? I hear about all these surveys where gamers are made to look like idiots yet I have never been a part of a survey.

ReBurn3990d ago

Are you trying to say that 149 isn't a good cross-section of 10 million 360 owners?

I agree with what you are saying. That seems like quite the rediculous number to poll to extrapolate those kinds of figures.

Morbius4203990d ago (Edited 3990d ago )

Although I never took this particular survey I take at least one videogame related survey a week via email. All you have to do is sign up with some survey takers (google surveys) like surveyspot or NPC and they start sending surveys to your inbox. Many of them aren't related to games unfortunately but you do get some game related ones.

I found out about Rockband way before most people on this site because I took a concept survey last summer about the future of Guitar Hero. I also had to sign a nondisclosure act to access the survey and although I could have told everyone on here about it I chose to honor their conditions.

Another thing about taking game related surveys is that if you're older you have to lie about your age. I'm 42 but if I'm honest about that they won't let me take the survey. I can't understand how they get the avarage age of gamers when they don't let older gamers be counted. I spend a lot of time and money on game related things but my opinion isn't any more important than a kid who has to beg his mommy to buy him games. I just don't get it.

G_CodeMonkey3990d ago

If you asked "Have you heard of XBLA?", you very well might have some confused folks. But if you said "Have you ever downloaded and tried a free trial game from the XBOX Live Arcade on the Games tab?" Wording is everything--politics uses them, businesses use them (even M$, Sony and Nin) to show what they want, but ESPECIALLY to show a "shocking" or "stunning" headline such as a large portion of your users don't use a key feature (even the recent hi-def graphics of 360 or Blu-Ray of the PS3). gCM

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