Jaffe: "I’d like to make the 500 Days of Summer-style RPG."

In part 3 of an interview with David Jaffe, C & G Monthly gets the creator of Twisted Metal to talk about what kind of games he'd like to make, and whether Kratos would win in a fight with Chuck Norris, and how Kevin Butler will not be appearing as VP of vehicular destruction in Twisted Metal

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0mega42674d ago

and jaffe is a guy i hate to love

id love to see him take an audience of a video game threw the knee jerking emotional rollercoster that 500days of summer was able to achieve while adding all the ironic moments that truly made that movie

nix2674d ago

i loved the movie!!! well.. we are waiting Mr Jeff!

gamerzBEreal172674d ago

get thr katy perry look alike and it's day 1 for me

0mega42674d ago

Zooey Deschanel is a Katy Perry look alike?

gamerzBEreal172674d ago

OMG YES! how can u not? alot of people do of course shes alot better then just that she made alot of great movies but she really looks like katy perry to me

Cerberus21252674d ago


You're a dumb ars,Katy perry is pretty,but no way near asbeautiful as Zooey Deschanel,and if there is a look alike it'll be Perry,Perry got popular in 2007 Zooey back in 1999

0mega42674d ago

when did i ever say which one was prettier

vickers5002673d ago

Katy Perry is a Zooey Deschanel look alike.

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THC CELL2674d ago

go ahead then u have the tools make it happen

Tony-A2674d ago

I'd like you to try because it sounds interesting.

Tony-A2674d ago

lol, what's with the disagrees? You guys don't think that'll be cool to see??

-MD-2674d ago

I'd like to see an RPG from Jaffe and crew. I think they would come up with something interesting

8-bit2674d ago

Yeah as soon as I read the title of the article I immediately thought it sounded interesting.

rCrysis2674d ago

you do it jaffe! i'd like to see you do an rpg =]

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The story is too old to be commented.