Siena could delay the release of Gran Turismo 5 The consortium assumes legal action against SONY!

It seems that Gran Turismo 5, since the title for PlayStation 3 users, you can not find their peace about his exit, formalized recently in gamescom 2010 in Cologne and set for November 3 2010. When were also released new images and video through the network for the title of Polyphony Digital, including a Go-Kart in Piazza del Campo in Siena, the Tuscan city has discovered the presence of arms and emblems of the typical districts, as to simulate a Palio Kart, and which has not issued any permission to use.

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Godmars2903008d ago

After all this time in development, the game could be held back because its *too* realistic and "borrows" copyrighted racing material... :\

0mega43008d ago

siena cant stop this game from being an instant blockbuster

as even if this company has valid reason sony will release any way and settle afterwards

Dee_913008d ago

taking legal actions against a videogame for having flags ..

dylandurden3008d ago

Siena is not a company, is an italian city

0mega43008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

because The Consortium for the Protection of the Palio held by Corriere Fiorentino doesn't exactly roll off the tongue

issues with the realism of siena*

as even if The Consortium for the Protection of the Palio held by Corriere Fiorentino have valid reason...*

it will be kinda like that whole alllah music from LPB that was so controversial there release the game patch if needed

Conloles3007d ago

Lol this game will never come out

MicroSony4Life3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

GT5 becasue Toyota car are too realistic and lose control while drving : )

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MisterAV3008d ago

exactly, the discussion is only about the flags,
you can also put a patch online and remove them.

i'm italian and i have seen the news on the tv

GamerSciz3008d ago

Remember the issue with LBP the song that wasn't copyrighted or some crap. A quick patch fixed that. This isn't new ground for Sony, they have dealt with stuff like this before. Nov 2 is the release date and nothing will stop that. These articles are just begging for hits.

Matthew943008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

actually the song in lbp included passages from the Qur'an and was therefore offensive to some Muslims. it wasnt copyright

GamerSciz3008d ago

Thank you, I couldn't remember tbh. I don't mind getting corrected when I am wrong. We are both on the same page though, it's an easy quick fix, nothing to fuss about.

Karum3008d ago

The LBP patch wasn't a quick fix patch either by the way. The game's release was delayed as the retail copies were recalled and new copies of the game pressed which didn't include that song.

No FanS Land3008d ago

they also issued a day one patch to block the song from being accessed to those who had early copies.

jessupj3008d ago

Actually, there wasn't a single outcry from any muslim body or group. It was just Sony themselves that got scared and decided to change it. No complaint was made, it was purely Sony's fear.

The irony is that shortly after a few muslim individuals actually expressed disappointment of sony's decision to remove the sony in question.

Narutone663008d ago

in a Sony forum, a member said that he found the song which included a passage from Qur'an offensive, since he is a Muslim. That's when Sony decided to remove the song so as not to offend anyone.

schlanz3008d ago

the world is so afraid of offending muslims. any other religion is fair game apparently.

UnwanteDreamz3008d ago

"the world is so afraid of offending muslims"

Nope, just people with an agenda. That agenda usually leads back to $$$.

So 2 Muslims walk into a bar.......

deadman1213008d ago Show
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sinncross3008d ago

Could PD not just remove the track from the final release, and then redesign the problematic areas and reissue into the game with a patch?

ExcelKnight3008d ago

The easier way out is to just keep it in and patch it out through an online update in the first place. Then again, if the game hasn't gone gold yet there's still time to fix that in the first place.

Persistantthug3008d ago

SONY + GRAN TURISMO 5 > siena.

Nothing more to be said.
If they push too hard, they don't get a release in their small little city state.

commodore643008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

Fact is, Sony did not respect the copyright.
They need to eat humble pie and remove the reference to the trademarks and copyrights of Siena.

End of story.

I find it so ironic that we have most people on n4g decrying the use of the ps3 jailbreak hack in breaking PS3 copyright laws .... yet when Sony breaks Siena copyright laws we suddenly reverse course and say Sony>Siena - even suggesting that Sony will 'punish' Siena for their insolence?

That is really pathetic.
Wake up.
GT5 is in breach of Siena copyright laws.
Nothing more to be said.

SephireX3008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

Yeah but Siena sucks and PS3 doesn't so there you are...

Sheddi3008d ago

Yes, you are correct but, Siena should have taken this opportunity.
I mean, millions of people will buy this game so it's basically free advertisement for them.

Rhythmattic3007d ago

C64 ..

Please disappear as the once great machine did.

All I see is anti PS3 posts from you....

Commodore computers deserved a way better mascot than you.

As for the Story, so friggin what.... GT5 is (Pun Intended) just around the corner.

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EvilBlackCat3008d ago ShowReplies(6)
sikbeta3008d ago

lol it's done, by the time GT5 comes out there will be no damned flags and other sh!t that could screw GT Fans...

GT5 FTW!!!

Elvfam5113008d ago

So they rather have it removed and not get payed by Sony

Playerz83008d ago

This is like when LBP got delayed a week cause it had that Muslim music in it.

Hope this is resolved. Does Siena know they could be getting in the way of something that has been anticipated for 5 years+?

orange-skittle3007d ago

You favored an UNRELEASED title against a future title? Hmmmm, why does your comment fail on so many levels? Your comment has fanboy written all over it.

sukru3008d ago

So a small town in financial problems sees this as a money making opportunity. No problem Sony has big fat checks that can cure the issue before you know it. :)

Anon19743008d ago

This is like when the Church of England was going off on Sony and Insomniac for using that cathedral in Resistance. That was thrown out. This is ridiculous. You know they just want money. Are the "arms and emblems" of those districts even copyrighted?

Palodios3008d ago

They can just take out the level, fix it, and release it as DLC if its not in time.

orange-skittle3007d ago

This game will never get released. if it does, it will be irrelevant. they are taking so long that new games coming out do something better and make GT5 have to reinvent itself.

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HeroXIV3008d ago

It'll go ahead. Sony will bounce any legal issues off.

Megaton3008d ago

Can someone please translate the Google translation?

Briefcase Joe3008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

Google translations FTL

It seems to be hit or miss with that damn thing.

techpinger3008d ago

been on gtplanet, and its looking like the copyright flags and badges around the track are the biggest problem, but even if pd removed them they might get sued for desecrating the horse race with evil tarmac and machinery

Redempteur3008d ago

rofl ..well this happenned months before the release so they can just remove these flags and that's it ..the game isn't gold yet ..

now if they are *ssholes and want to prevent the game from launching i'm pretty sure some lawyer battle will sort things out ..