Valve's Portal incorporated into a college course syllabus

First video game ever to be included into a syllabus... for a respectable college of liberal arts, no less.

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0mega43036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

but maybe a first at a random liberal arts college
Starcraft Strategy was being taught at UC Berkley long before Portal

& the Starcraft final:
There will be a final project where students will present and explain their contribution to the Starcraft Community. This may take the form of an essay detailing new theory or calculations, or an in-depth analysis of a significant game. Whichever final project is chosen will be displayed or published on a public forum for peer criticism.

TrailerParkSupervisr3036d ago

I always thought they should take Portal and use it in a physics class. How cool would it be if at the end of class the teacher handed you a controller and said, "beat this game if you want to pass this class"

fatstarr3036d ago

This is really cool I remember when I got God of War included in greek mythology module in hs. got to play it in class :]

milliways3036d ago

What those engineering units over at NIU that have their very video own game in order to teach principles about engineering in the real world?