1UP previews Schizoid - First gameplay video

Back during this year's Game Developers Conference, developer Torpex Games quietly announced the new co-op focused action game Schizoid ("skit-zoid") in a Microsoft presentation as the first game to make the jump from XNA development to a commercial Xbox Live Arcade title.

The first big piece of news: it's not a shooter. That's rare enough for an original Live Arcade game, but when the first handful of screenshots surfaced at GDC, many speculated that the game was a shooter along the lines of Geometry Wars. As it turns out, the action in the game comes from taking your ship and physically ramming it into enemies you see on the screen.

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Odion3938d ago

ROFL that looks amazing!

JPomper3938d ago

That actually looks like a LOT of fun!

ublender3938d ago

This is the first game to actually be allowed by Microsoft to graduate from XNA? That is just SAD. I knew that Microsoft was tyrannical and illogical at times, but they create a game development tool kit and only one game ever graduates from it? I am glad when making my game, I decided not to turn to Microsoft, because they would only slap me in the face (reading what their support of Indy developers is and the money they charge you, that is true).

bootsielon3938d ago

It looks like Geometry wars meets Gauntlet.

Anyway, a few Xbox fanboys were touting XNA in response to Little Big Planet's user generated content. I guess you're gonna get millions of XNA games from now on. Oh wait.

Odion3938d ago

4 more games are coming out from guys who won the contest