8.0 NCAA Football 11 Review "Overall, NCAA Football 11 is a solid entry in the long running college franchise. Noticeable improvements come in the form of a fully featured online dynasty mode, sideline catches, dual stick run controls, and a slick visual presentation. However, many past issues remain - such as inconsistent blocking and sloppy commentary - which can hamper the experience. The difficulty comes in deciding on NCAA 11's value if you just bought last year's edition. An eager group of friends willing to invest in the online dynasty definitely helps, as that functionality is a big part of what makes NCAA 11 unique."

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Selyah2976d ago

Sounds ok, not quite convinced though.

JDouglasGU2976d ago

having a good group of friends to play the dyansty is the deciding factor in my mind.

Hardedge2976d ago

Not much of a sports fan but this sounds somewhat decent.