More Unannounced PS3 Exclusives Sony Has ‘Yet to Share’

During Sony’s gamescom press conference, Andrew House revealed they still have more unannounced titles on the way.

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NYC_Gamer2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

Wow....Sony just doesnt stop

Sev2953d ago

Tokyo Game Show is next month. I expect more games to be announced there. However I know of a few that aren't really appropriate to be announced at that venue.

Killer app PlayStation Move game still unannounced.

2953d ago
pork_chop_express2953d ago

"Killer app PlayStation Move game still unannounced."

ugh sev......... do u know what it is?

hope ape escape and pipsaru 2 will be @ TGS

captain-obvious2953d ago

well those 21 studios sure are working

Megaton2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

A new survival horror game utilizing the Move as a flashlight could pique my interest in the peripheral. I'm a sucker for good horror games. I remember seeing something like that in a very early highlight reel, but nothing since then.

Thatguy-3102953d ago

Dude Im just waiting for that unannounce survival horror game that resembles alan awake for the move !!!!! Just imagine the experience =O and c'mon is it really a surprise they have so many unannounced games?? Its sony !! they always have something up their sleeves

inveni02953d ago

There are tons of Move-compatible titles that make Move a must-have. There doesn't just have to be one. It's like the PS3. There are tons of reasons to buy one...not just one (or two).

AtatakaiSamurai2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

but this time, i'm more "prepared". BRING IT ON SONY! I usually save multiplat games for summer droughts but it looking like sonys exclusives will be eating into summer time as well as the years go by.

Motorola2953d ago

Nice 1 sony. For once killing my wallet is good :D

Lifendz2953d ago

Just wow. Between what we know is coming, what's already announced as in the works, I can't believe Sony still has more games to announce. Guess that's why it's beneficial to have some 1st party studios.

nickjkl2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

uncharted 2 with move would be killer though

anyway let me go through the studios that have announced games and then see which ones we dont know are doing things and well et an idea of what it is

PolyPhony Digital gran turismo
Naughty Dog -
Santa Monica-
SCE San Diego-
Sony Bend
Zipper Socom
SCE London-
SCE Cambridge-
SCE Liver Pool-
Evolution Studios- Motor Storm
Guerilla Killzone 3
Media Molecule-LBP2

TOO PAWNED2953d ago

Sony has more games unannounced? No Shit! It's Sony we talk about. PS3 is just getting into its prime, next 3-4 years i expect total domination in therms of exclusive content, not like that wasn't the case already, but i expect even bigger gap between PS3 and those other two

SilentNegotiator2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

Can't wait to see what else is the works.

And give us a release date at TGS for Last Guardian, dang it!

Redempteur2953d ago

TGS ...i want white knight 2 , last guardian and many many rpgs surprise me sony !!!

morganfell2953d ago

Can't wait to see Kojima reveal his new PS3 exclusive.

ChineseDemocracy2953d ago

My bank account can't handle this.

jeseth2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

While other systems have good experiences, no one pushes the bar each gen like Playstation. And nobody has the variety and quality of exclusives that Sony brings.

Hideo_Kojima2952d ago

just imagine playing a game with a torch like alan wake with the move controller...

moving the torch light around and making all the shadows change with the motion controls would be awesome in a highly graphical game.

Tachyon_Nova2952d ago

Unlikely. If so, pretty poor marketing ploy if they only want people to be interested in Move just as its release is imminent.

pustulio2952d ago

Sony is like those crazy guys that shoot people on schools.

They where in the back saying nothing, minding their own business, everybody making fun of them and the Boom! They explode and start killing everybody.

Hey MS!
What? BAM! Exclusive!

Hey Nintendo!
What? BAM! Exclusive

Hey everybody! What?

Why o why2952d ago true...only difference SONY wont top themselves after they done killin.


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aceofspades2953d ago

when i think of sony bouncing back in 2008-2009-2010, i cant help but listen to "back in black" by acdc. sony, you guys are monsters, ride on...

talltony2953d ago


2953d ago
karl2953d ago

yeah me to... im sad now

cuz im gonna have to start choosing my games in 2011.. there is just no way i can buy everything i want...

mrcash2953d ago

Do you buy all of sony's exclusives?

thedisagreefairy2953d ago

would be worthless to have on the ps3 if they release left 4 dead 2. no one owuld play left 4 dead 1 if they can play the highly improved sequel instead.

its not like those 2 games have an actual story to keep up with.

Persistantthug2953d ago

You seem to have forgotten that a BluRay disk holds quite a bit of information.

karl2953d ago

dont know about the rest of u guys.. but i do buy all ps3 exclusives...

i was only missing ratchet and clank.. (wasnt interested in it) but i just finish tools of destructions and i will be playing ACIT next week

obviously i mean all exclusives that are release outside of japan...

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Mista T2953d ago

hopefully they are good, I hope for new IPs

sikbeta2953d ago

Come on Mr, you know Sony Always Deliver

TGS = FFvs13 + TLG + Team ICO Collection + Ape Escape and more....

Mista T2953d ago

yeh I know.

I admit I am a very picky gamer, so I really hope they appeal to me

meetajhu2953d ago

hahahah awesome PIC suits the title so much!! hahahah

fireplace2953d ago

Damn, I thought it's about original Worms Armageddon.

Mizz_mai2953d ago's like sony's doing sagat's knee throw to microsoft.....but they wont stop kneeing,and lets not tallk sales as GAMES are whats important.....anyway back to,eh,eh,(knee sound effects)lol

mrcash2953d ago

Yup and even if sales are brought up, at this point all consoles have sold well so it no longer matters. I just want last guardian a new uncharted Killzone3 and some footage of agent.

silvacrest2953d ago

you might as well talk software sales as thats where the real money comes from

just looking at the latest NPD the software sales are pretty close and considering how many more 360's there are in the US that is impressive for sony

Snakefist302953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

Its like ps2 all over again.

DigitalRaptor2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

Domination is inevitable. This generation Sony has a different strategy but the end goal is the same.

moparful992953d ago

People forget just how creative and dedicated sony is to its products and customers.. They dont know the meaning of "give up"

bustamove2953d ago


I can't keep up!!

DatNJDom812953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

in 3D with Move. My guess. That maybe 2 of the unannounced titles. Oh yea and they both could be on 1 bluray. Thats for that xbot that PM me.

I really would love Xenogears to be remade with PS3 grafix. Thats something I would love.

0mega42953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

oh how things have changed

akaFullMetal2952d ago

alot of xbox fans said alot of things the ps3 couldn't do. Colors, framerate, things about ram, graphics and it just being a bluray player. It was a struggle being a ps3 fan back in 06 and 07

MrAwesome2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

The only IP I can think of is Jak or maybe KH3 even though it's not a first party game but probably an exclusive. So I think it's a new IP. Oh wait ZoE 3, UC3,Starhawk. Still plenty to come.;)

J-Smith2953d ago

of course there will be more unannounced ps3 exclusives to come. sony are the best, fcuk the rest

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shoddy2953d ago

/S ofcourse
they starting to sprint in this marathon and it's a wow.

marinelife92953d ago

You know Sony has to be working with Lucas arts on a Lightsaber game. That game will print money.

TheLastGuardian2953d ago

How great would it be if it was a new Jet Moto game.

avengers19782953d ago

They could announce uncharted 3, or what if they get the Gears of War franchise, people say left 4 dead is already on it's way to PS3. Heavenly Sword 2 could be epic. An exclusive MGS game. Sony already has a fantastic year lined up so what ever else the give us is just Frosting.

hennessey862952d ago

i own both consoles. next year ill be playing gears 3, killzone 3, uncharted 3( i reckon it will release at christmas time), forza 4, mass effect 3, and more than i care to mention it really sucks to be a 1 console fanboy your missing out on so much !!!!!!

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razorc032953d ago

I wonder if this has something to do with the EA announcement as well. They mentioned that they would reveal announced games at TGS. Is EA pushing out a PS3 exclusive?

Sev2953d ago

They might be, but that's not what Andrew House is talking about. He couldn't tease games from other publishers, only Sony first-party games.

ChronoJoe2953d ago

Depends on the contract between sony and that specific third party publisher. Sony may be able to make statements about the potential announcement of a title from a third party.

I would be surprised if there was anything significant from a western developer left though. But I expect to see some amazing stuff at TGS.

pork_chop_express2953d ago

some orginal ip would go down a treat and some survival horror and action rpg goodness inhouse or from level 5.

Sev2953d ago

You're a smart fella! Expect both next month ;)

FiftyFourPointTwo2953d ago

Sev, stop the tease. Spit it out. :D

TOO PAWNED2953d ago

Personally i want to know if rumored Silhouette Ninja game is real. It was one of Sev's that mentioned it. Maybe it was this sev or sevredgamer, can remember exactly but it sounded great from what i remember.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

There is a Move Exclusive Game, looks like a Survival Horror FPS. There are only 6 Pictures in game. I hope they reveal that in TGS.

Do you know what game gonna be announced Sev? Why don't tell?

theunleashed642952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

don't know if this is anything but i found concept art for until dawn.

MaximusPrime2953d ago

"PS3 is doomed"? lol i don't think so

FiftyFourPointTwo2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

"PS3 has bloomed" is more appropriate now. :)

btw, thank God for the five bubbles, we can finally all have a good discussion.