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lazysey2950d ago

They left out that you had to be a Japanese Playstation Plus member to access it 5 hours earlier.

bakasora2949d ago (Edited 2949d ago )

ohh.. tat will be my best birthday present.

Waldi2950d ago

Cool a demo, the game looks great!

xYLeinen2950d ago

I'm very glad they are releasing a demo for this game. I was not thinking to pick up this game unless I played it.

Dance2950d ago (Edited 2950d ago )

The trial from September 02 of this work has been mentioned as Mr. Inaba "PlayStationStore" and "Xbox LIVE Marketplace," at which delivery is scheduled.

ZombieAutopsy2950d ago

Very glad they opted for a demo, now hopefully more games that are due out around the same time will also do so.

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The story is too old to be commented.