Microsoft announces XNA 2.0

At Microsoft's Gamefest 2007, the company announced that its XNA Game Studio applications will be merged into one product-XNA 2.0.

Microsoft had originally planned to split XNA into professional and amateur packages.

"We made the decision to make one Game Studio. We think everyone should have access to the same tool," said XNA general manager Chris Satchell. "There should be no friction as you move from accessible development to professional development."

Licensed XNA developers will have access to extra plugin libraries, however. All developers will have access to Xbox Live through XNA 2.0, which will support matchmaking and voice-chat.

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sticky doja4060d ago

Now can we please start seeing user generated games before 3.0?

Waffle-boy4060d ago

...unless some of the developers get an official contract. Not this year at the very least.

Very cool that they can now use Live! Not only that, but Trueskill/Matchmaking too. Thats just awesome.

Syko4060d ago

They are currently in the lightning fast MS approval system. They should be making it to us around 2013 or 2014 =P.

Don't know why they keep these games down in the shadows. Gotta be at least 5-10 worth playing by now!?

FordGTGuy4060d ago

The first Xbox Live Arcade game made with XNA has already been announced and will be coming out later this year.

sajj3164060d ago

Didn't hear much about it. I was expecting to see a community of game developers flock to it and already download games by now. Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't "Everyday shooter" developed on the XNA toolset. I see it now as a PSN download.

BIadestarX4060d ago

Stop making dumb assumptions... just because you don't know anything about xna "I was expecting to see a community of game developers flock to it " there is a very large community... all you have to do if there is not too much trouble... is google XNA... and you will see how many sites are available.

The problem with XNA 1.0 was the lack of networking capabilities... well.. that's no more... you also have to remember that XNA is not only for xbox 360 consoles... lots of people are just making PC games.

If you expect microsoft to just allow anyone to add content to xbox live arcade without and start charging you will grow old... I am sure lots of people will not appreciate a list of 500,000 games when they are looking a well made game by a company that makes games...

What microsoft needs to do and I think they will.. is create another blade for XNA games and let people dump their stuff... let other gamers rate the content and aprove it.. and even donate money for those making the games... but not mix... if a xna game is really good.. then let some publisher fund it.. and re-make it the right way... and release it on xbox live arcade... there need to be control.

sajj3164060d ago

Sorry If I don't know about this community but chances are, a casual gamer won't either. What is xna for? Gearheads? Intelligent gamers? N4G registered gamers? Come on blade, be real. If you want to expand on user generated content, there is a better way to go about it. If you want to know, maybe I could teach you. Also, mind your tongue before you use the word dumb. You do that a lot you condescending prick.

BIadestarX4060d ago

XNA is for Programmers (Not game programmers)/casual programmer that want to make games. XNA is no little big planet... it's not target to the casual gamer... To make games using XNA you a C# programmer and know .net... it's true that people can use TorqueX and other map editors and drag and drop tools can be made... but don't get confused you can use XNA to build any type of game... any genre... It's not like little big planet.. where developers drop lots of already created templates and assets and give you an interface to play with those... Can you make a car model in Maya or 3D Studio Max and add it to Litle big planet? Little big planet is just one game with a very well made map editor... that's it... Can you make a retail FPS game with little big planet?
I am trying to undermind little big planet... but just point that XNA content creation posibilities are at a diferent scope. Maybe a tool will be made eventually that will use XNA for casual gamer... but first microsoft must deal with casual developer audience which nor Sony or Nintendo are targetting... in order to make more game developers... they are the future of many possible games... there are thousands of developers playing around with XNA... it had more than 60,000 downloads the first few days... even if 1% of those start making games.. that 1,000 more developers on the xbox 360 camp..