Little Big Planet 2, The beginning of a new era

User created content for the win. Join the excitement. The possibilities are endless.

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dark-hollow3038d ago

i know its not the first create and play game
but i can safely say that LBP2 gonna influence a lot of games

vhero3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

Agreed look at EA's new create game. Although its not on LBP level it is copying LBP in a way which makes LBP a new leader in a brand new category of games. I love create, share and play games they are great and I think MS should stop being so uptight with XBL rules and allow these type of games on 360 so everybody can enjoy great games.

Godmars2903038d ago

I still hold that the EA game is more a Trails HD or Joe Danger title than LBP. Have yet to see anything that's more than a right to left 2D scroller rather than a 2.75D platformer.

sikbeta3038d ago

LBP = Play.Create.Share

LBP2 = Play.Create Your Own Games.Share


timemuffin3038d ago

I am super excited for this game. I cannot wait to see what the thriving LBP community does with this new toolset. I continue to be amazed every time I scan new content in the original. If the trailers are any indicator this should be something special.

8-bit3038d ago

"The replay value of a game (Which ALL developers should aim for) increase to a level that is unprecedented in most games today."

Quoted for truth. The replay value of Little Big Planet is definitely at a level that no other game out there can compare to.

Pandamobile3038d ago

Yes, because Little Big Planet is the first game to feature user content...

a08andan3038d ago

Of course it isn't. But Little Big Planet 2 is the first game to take it to such an extent with such an high accessibility.

Briefcase Joe3038d ago

Slow news day for PC gaming? Just trol...I mean strolling by Pandamobile? Most people know it wasn't the first to do it, and PC's are superior to consoles because they haz the super good graphics and teh modz. Good day sir.

Pandamobile3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

How is this trolling?

gamingisnotacrime3038d ago

PS:Thx Pandamobile for your token "I dont care about consoles, but always posting bash against them" post

Pandamobile3037d ago

I've got this game pre-ordered too...

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The story is too old to be commented.