HG preview - Might & Magic Heroes VI

HookedGamers writes: "Excitement rapidly changed into puzzlement and then bewilderment at Ubisoft's announcement that they were working on a new game in the Heroes of Might & Magic series. This wasn't because its announcement was unexpected, but because of its name: Might & Magic: Heroes VI. I don't know about you, but to me it sounds like 'hitting the head on the nail' or ' when flies pig'. Reading the press release, the thought even crossed my mind that some French PR person with poor knowledge of both English and the series must have really messed up writing it. As it turned out, the odd name was completely intentional. When asked, Ubisoft explained that they were planning on fully reviving the franchise, going beyond the turn-based gameplay of Heroes and branching out to one or more other genres. A new Might & Magic RPG is certainly an exciting idea but I don't really see the need for a forced name change for HoMM, or... MMH from now on, I guess."

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