Preview: Mario Kart Wii

Of course, you want to know everything there is to know about Mario Kart Wii. So CVG has dug away with their info spades to uncover the secrets behind Mario Kart Wii - the characters, the vehicles, the tracks, the items, the online play - and brought the whole lot to you here.

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ReBurn4020d ago

I hope that it's good.

ItsDubC4020d ago

Awesome. Double-Dash was definitely my least-favorite MK so I'm glad MK Wii is returning to its roots. 12-player online and online battle mode sweeten the deal. The Wii's definitely getting some amazing games in coming months.

jigaman4020d ago

It didn't take me long to figure out that MKDD was not up to par with previous MK titles. MKDS certainly has the current crown as far as best MK game to date. The drift turbo technique really sweetened the online competition. And to the looks of this article MKWii is following suite with an even better online exerience which will include battle mode! Can't wait, this game is a must own!

ChickeyCantor4020d ago

" The drift turbo technique really sweetened the online competition."
it killed the whole game, even i can snake my way online but its not fair for the people who cant do it plus its no fun if your rival is 1 lap ahead of you.

although i really loved MKDS, 12 online is going to be awsome =)

jigaman4020d ago

I disagree (which is rare cause I usally agree with you) because DT was a part of the game and if one played through single player mode and time trials they'd find themselves hanging with the rest of the DT masters. It made racing very intense for elite players. And as good as I am...theres always someone out there better. My losses certainly show this to be true. Hey if players aren't going to take the time to learn it then thats their choice, but that doesn't mean they can gripe if they lose online.

That aside yes I agree with the 12 players wifi! That is pure sweetness.

jinn4020d ago

this is exactly why the wii is still lacking the necessities to qualify among the next gen consoles.

ItsDubC4020d ago

Mario Galaxy is the "Mario game." This is a racing game w/ Mario in it, just as Mario Strikers is a sports game w/ Mario in it. All three games are completely different, and categorizing them under "Mario game" is shallow to say the least.

unsunghero284020d ago (Edited 4020d ago )

You seem to be the only one concerned. For everyone else, Mario is a pop culture icon...

I agree that it's not fair when a game succeeds strictly by the merit of the red-suited Italian plumber. We have the mediocre Mario Party 8 to attest to that. But the Mario license does not HURT a game's quality, and I don't think it's fair to deny the quality of the many masterpieces with the Mario moniker just because he's there.

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