Ganondorf's Beginnings

Until a couple months ago, few Zelda enthusiasts would have believed that a major title would ever replace Ocarina of Time as the first tale in the timeline. The game introduced the origin stories for many long-standing series elements, such as Hyrule and the Triforce, Link's trademark green tunic and hat, and the rise of Ganon to power as the Evil King. Nintendo's own website still calls Ocarina the tale of the "first exploits of Princess Zelda and the heroic adventurer Link."

The origins of the Master Sword and of Link's tunic seem already to have undergone a metamorphosis, so there's no telling what else may be up for revision. Is it too bold to say that perhaps Ganondorf's origins as a villain are going to shift in light of Skyward Sword as well?

For now, Aonuma refuses to comment, but the avid writers of Zelda Informer were too curious not to wonder...

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