Rock Band 3 Keyboard Bundle Available, Priced

"One of the big additions to Rock Band 3 is the introduction of a keyboard, otherwise known as keyboard guitar/keytar or just simply as keys...

For those existing Rock Band or Guitar Hero gamers, the option to buy yet another heaping box with plastic instruments just simply to get their hands on the new keyboard accessory was not an option. Thankfully, with Rock Band 3, they are offering a Keyboard/Game combo for $129.99.

The combo includes:"

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TheMART3035d ago

Its an alright keyboard, but I'll buy the RB3 midi adapter and put my Line 6 Toneport KB37 on the 360 for Rockband 3.

If you already have a midi keyboard at home, this midi adapter will cost 40 bucks. If you want a versatile keyboard that has its own soundcard on board, connects to Mac/PC and gives you guitar input, mic input and semi pro recording with no lag, look into the KB37. It costs around 250 to 300 bucks, and its like a 10k studio.

Plus a RB3 keyboard :-) check pics for both KB37 and RB3 midi controller

TheLastGuardian3034d ago

have fun waiting a month after RB3 comes out.

TheLastGuardian3034d ago (Edited 3034d ago )

Rock Band 3 release date October 26th
Rock Band 3 midi keyboard adapter release date November 26th

God I wish people would get their facts strait before disagreeing.
Like I said have fun waiting a month while I'm busy playing on the official keyboard day 1.

Tres213034d ago

uhh no offense i dont think they were givin u disagrees cuz u had ne fact wrong just someone was givin another option that might be cheaper if they hav a keyboard & serious bought music, plus if u got all the other stuff its not really that long of a wait...but hey u can be the keyboard guy while they wait go

Rhythmattic3034d ago

Damn It, My Yamaha CS80 aint gonna work with it. OSCar will though it seems...

playstation_clan3035d ago

i cant wait til they have a plastic piano

memots3034d ago


Not day one for me. ill wait till some of my friend tried it and i might bite the bullet.

TheLastGuardian3034d ago (Edited 3034d ago )

This is not news people. The price was revealed months ago.

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