Xboxic: Rumor Devil May Cry 5 To Be Announced At TGS 2010

Xboxic reports: "When roaming the show floor at Gamescom, we stumbled upon a highly classified file containing some new information on Devil May Cry 5. That’s right, it’s already underway and it’s not being developed by Ninja Theory as previously speculated, but internally at Capcom. The file not only discarded previous rumours but also gave away that Capcom would announce the game next month at Tokyo Game Show 2010."

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Quagmire2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

And yet gamers alike continue to wait for titles like a new Dino Crisis, Monster Hunter PS3, a Resident Evil which is actually horror...

At least theyve managed to do some right by making Street Fighter X and Marvel V Capcom 3

Chris3992985d ago

I'm not really interested in much else from Capcom this gen.

Even as far as fighters go, I prefer BlazBlue now.

XactGamer2985d ago

Onimusha would be the Capcom game to get for the rest of this gen.

crzyjackbauer2985d ago

remake onimusha1
onimusha 2 was god awful
never played onimusha 3 after what they did to onimusha 2
i heard onimusha 4 was actually good

PirateThom2985d ago

I'm waiting on DuckTales 3. Capcom hate me though.

-GoldenTimeLover-2985d ago

me waiting for Megaman Legends 3. :(

Coheno2985d ago

Bubbles for you for that answer sir!

Wolf8732985d ago

I'm one of them. Been waiting for new Dino Crisis or perhaps a remake. I think it has a slightly higher priority since we have been Dino-less for many more years than Onimusha. But that isn't to say they shouldn't release those other titles. I don't really get why Capcom does not bother to work on those when they sold really well and are proven IPs.

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Natsu X FairyTail2985d ago ShowReplies(8)
Apollyn2985d ago

Dmc4 was good just too short and easy. I'd rather have a new ninja gaiden!

Nitrowolf22985d ago

agree although it could have been better if they just used dante

-GoldenTimeLover-2985d ago

I want Dante May Gaiden. :P

oh and I hate Nero.

Apollyn2985d ago

God that game could be amazing hard and with no Nero it would be basically faggot free

Snakefist302985d ago

I want play as Vergil on Devil May Cry 5.He is so BADASS!!!

White-Sharingan2985d ago

@Nerox3- easy, make it another prequel. Maybe when dante and vergil were demon hunters and worked together? Or right after DMC3 where vergil was in hell?

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jhani2985d ago

better than nothing for me. Hope they make it more to the scale god of war 3 was. But then again since it will be a multiplatform game the xbox 360 will restrict how much they can push it to that level.

crzyjackbauer2985d ago

dont think so
both xbox360 and ps3 versions of DMC4 runed at 60fps
if history history repeats itself the ps3 will get a Sub-HD version of DMC5
unless the ps3 is the lead platform for development

MaideninBlack2985d ago

Hard to get excited by anything capcom these days.

Bnet3432985d ago

A lot of people jizzed in their pants about Marvel vs Capcom 3 so ... >_>

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