Is the PS3 hacked or just a temporary workaround?

The big news coming out this week was around the alleged claim that someone has finally hacked the PS3. The PS3 is considered to be the most secure console ever made with it remaining un-hacked for four years.

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Natsu X FairyTail3010d ago

update could make that hack useless.

DelbertGrady3010d ago

And a chip update can make it work again. Still, quite a hassle having to download games that are +40gb in size. And then you probably need a Blu-Ray burner. And you might get banned from PSN if they do checks like MS.

Not worth it.

Lucreto3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

Explain this to me

HeroXIV3010d ago

Someone answered me in a comment saying this doesn't even open piracy. You can't share the files online you CAN rent a game and save it to a HDD but nothing more. Just not worth $170AUS and the fact is if you want to play GT5, Uncharted 3, inFamous 2 you'll HAVE to download the newest PS3 firmware. So the PS3 really is far from hacked. Also, haven't seen any homebrew stuff at all.

PirateThom3010d ago

Soda, it doesn't work like that.

You can't actually download any games. Essentially, what the device does is put the console into debug mode and allows you to back the games up to a hard drive. You still need to own/rent/borrow the game to make said back up though. Downloading won't work.

longcat3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )


Exactly, i dont know if paying $150 for this is justified when it is that limited, no homebrew is available yet, and u may not be able to go online or play newer games.

Most pirates are waiting for other pirates to pirate theses pirates and produce a cheaper version.

all this will do is encourage some people to rent games instead of buying used copies - which may not be half bad.

Sony should just get a rental service for psn.
now back to fat princess

Nitrowolf23010d ago

Pedo that is a lot of pirates
and why do people keep saying BD burner? it runs from an HDD
yeah pirating is from renting games and copying them
i hope Sony patches this

r1sh123010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

once hackers have found a solid way to get past security, there will be more and more ways to do it.
Its like the rapid fire controllers, games have tried to block them.
And now, all you have to do is connect the controller to the pc and update the firmware to bypass the latest game patch.
Im sure they want to achieve this with the ps3 hacks.
Its going to be a cat and mouse game now, sony will be finding the best way to patch it.
Once patched, soon after an updated version of the chip will be out and it will start all over again.
They are not the same currency

longcat3010d ago


GOOGLE - Pedrobear highly recommends it

sikbeta3010d ago

OK as far as I could understand this sh!tty hackz can block FW updates and make backups, but NEW GAMES will use New FWs, so yeah, it would be used for the established library of games [IF it ever works], but it'll not work with NEW Games cos the new games require the Latest FW and if you don't update you can't play and you can't access PSN too...

Lame and Pointless, also these løøsers didn't hackz the PS3, they just stole the tech (or whatever it is) from Sony, that's Illegal

lol they not only came out with this crap that will be useless by the time Sony release a FW update cough:GT5.&.Black-Ops.rele ase:cough, they'll also are going straight to Jail... Mwahahaha....

red2tango3010d ago

Soda, you're stupid. It clearly rips the game to the HDD. I swear people on this forum are retarded. And at the moment, you can't detect it because the PS3 thinks there disc is inside when you play the game. Online works too.

Red_Orange_Juice3010d ago

Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare
NHL 10
UFC 2010
supposedly dont work

Sarick3010d ago

"Still, quite a hassle having to download games that are +40gb in size."

Just to put things straight, I have no intentions of buying any of these things to break my PS3's. I'm looking at it from a side if I wanted to pirate.

Soda, A lot of the piracy in the movie industry is also pre-burned copies being sold on the streets. In this case a hardcore pirates could purchase a preloaded external HDD. They wouldn't need to download anything. All they'd need to do is

1. Buy a 2 TB drive fill it with games.
2. Clone the drive or transfer full games off a drive.
3. Sell a cloned drive + software or copying rights to everything on it.

Even if the backup software restricts sharing, it could easily be altered or hacked itself to allow full out piracy. All they'd need is compatible software, firmware and the dongle to run them.

It's been done before people would sell flash cards with 1000's roms on them at conventions. Why wouldn't they do the same with external HDDs. It not like external hdds are to big to transport or sell fully loaded. Even if the cost of an external HDD/enclosure is like $150 + or Minus 50%, If it has 50-100 games (25-50gb each) on it that'll still be very very cheap compared to full retail.

Lest do some math. Even if the games are valued at $10 each that still amounts to $500-$1000. Now imagine if these titles where valued at street prices $60. I'm estimating $3000-$6000 of pirated games getting given away for almost nothing. People that are pirates aren't so cheap that they'd turn a blind eye to such a big bargain. They're smart enough to know downloading them would be a nightmare and look for alternative methods of trade.

Even a cheap pirate invest money into pirating, They're smart enough to know that if they do cheat the system they'll need to invest money into it no matter what. The only difference here is that they'll be looking for bargains.

I'm just being logical here, pirates don't get everything for free and they aren't as restricted by internet or the cost of hardware as some would believe. IMHO they're just bargain hunters looking for a way to get stuff as cheap as possible even if they break laws to do so.

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Game-ur3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

The hack blocks firmware update and the hackers said they will release custom updates.

Personally I don’t think this is practical for a large segment of the gaming population because:

-Like Soda mentioned, a lot of bluray games are too big
-the USB hack is very expensive
-added cost of an external HD
-it's a big gamble because the warranty will be invalid and you will have to buy a new 300$ consol if Something goes wrong.
-Possible loss of online gaming
-risk of losing the PS3 ID along with saves, purchased games, friends list and trophies

Lucreto3010d ago

It doesn't block updates it remove updates that maybe broken. That means the firmware needs to be installed first. It the firmware is to remove the leaked code this will stop the code from working and can't remove the update.

socomnick3010d ago

The usb is expensive right now but once the Chinese start mass producing it expect it to be below 30 dollars just like the r4 chip for the nintendo ds.

thorstein3010d ago

It is a temporary workaround. And not all that impressive of a one.

I mean seriously. Using a debug? L A M E.

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siyrobbo3010d ago

its just like the jtag for 360, new consoles can't be hacked once updated, but but the ones that can are completely hacked

an update would block it, but there are already 38 million ps3's capable of being exploited

its a shame but thats the way it is

tatotiburon3010d ago

and if somebodey buy the psjailbreak who will so stupid to update? hahaha lol

and yes you can install the game in a hd and share it with someone else so YOU CAN UPLOAD IT TO INTERNET

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ZombieAutopsy3010d ago

I'm gonna laugh at the people shelling out over 150$ for this only for the chance of Sony making it obsolete with an update, or start to ban/brick consoles.

T9X693010d ago

True, but banning consoles never stops piracy. Someone with enough money to spend $150 on a USB stick, surly has enough to buy a spare PS3 to play back up games on. I've wanted to with my Xbox, but I'm to lazy to be a pirate lol

Bereaver3010d ago

Well, you gotta think about it this way, they offer a 1 year warranty, does that cover sony fixing it and it not working? :)

Sarick3010d ago

Who says the backed up games wouldn't be sold on a 2 GB cloned drive?

A 2 terabyte drive can hold almost(One hundred) 25gb games. They don't have to download them they can just sell those drives packed pre-loaded with/without the dongle. Pirite are bargin hunters willing to get products illigaly.

This doesn't mean they get stuff for free. They still need to invest some money some where. Getting 100 games that sale for $30-$60 each totaling around $3000-$6000 worth of games for <$200 is next to nothing. I'm sure that they'd not complain to much about the minor investment when it's not even 10% of retail value.

ZombieAutopsy3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

Yea i agree that some people will do that (i've also thought about doing it with an extra xbox but i can get a used one for under 130$), I don't see piracy being as bad for the Ps3 as it is the PSP though.

Omega43010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

We will know soon enough when Sony attempts to block it. If the hackers are able to counterattack successfully then thats when the problems begin.

And there are also a lot of reviews, including from a respected mod shop that it works. I'm not interested in the details of how it works, just about wether it works or not. I'm not gonna lie if its as easy as ordering a USB online to be shipped to my door its going to be very appealing and not just to me but many others too just like the PSP hack is. Its not like a 360 hack where you have to get someone to do something to your console this is all DIY.

Like I said to begin with, if the hackers are able to successfully counterattack the patch then thats when the problems begin for Sony.

Chris3993010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

It requires the firmware to work, and thus far, no exploit has been made in the firmware. There's also no evidence that the entire thing wasn't faked (using a debug unit for example, or having multiple inputs on the television - it's a VERY selective camera angle in all their vids) either and that they're running a bait and switch scam.

Try reading, and then comprehending, the articles that you comment on, for once.

Edit: Again you fail to understand the details. The PSP hack was HARDWARE, it had to do with the battery access and placing the unit into service mode - that's why the PSPGo/ 3000 are relatively hack free atm. This "hack" needs a firmware to run it. $170 is a fool's investment for something that will probably be patched by next week.

longcat3010d ago

rentals will increase - used game sales will decline - still, more software will be sold to rental places

Bereaver3010d ago

Actually Chris...... the psp3000 isn't a hardware hack..... I live in China and you can get them anywhere.

Chris3993010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

the PSP 3000 hack had a number of stipulations, one being that you couldn't EVER turn it off (or have it crash), or it would brick till you reinstall the Firmware. Have they fixed this yet? Pretty sure it's still an issue. And the Go is still unhacked (except for the Patapon exploit).

The majority of custom firmware PSPs are 1000s and 2000s. Have a lark and check out the independent retailer prices on a 2000 on Amazon or Ebay. $300 and up.

Edit: PS3 developer Daniel Collin on twitter -

He seems to think that the video came from a debug kit. Can we all move along now?

Apollyn3010d ago

For once I'm gonna agree with you

3010d ago
Chris3993010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

This, is your problem. They can't counter-attack a patch. It is a very specific piece of code that has enabled this in the first place. Once this loop is closed (if it exists), and Sony has changed the code, it's over. This is a one time shot. Hackers would need access to NEW debugging code, assuming Sony doesn't take some other measure altogether that renders debug units useless for this sort of hack (requires the disc in the drive, for example). Debug units NEED firmware. So if the firmware and OS haven't been cracked, the hack is useless.


Honestly, it's no wonder that you say the things you do, you're one of the most naive persons I've ever come across.

ChronoJoe3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

This is very true.

I wonder if Sony can fix it so easily though. I'd imagine they'll be able to. Of course there are last resorts like the situation on the XB0X 360, forcing formats of memory sticks before they can be used with the PS3.

And again, the memory stick has to be in the PS3 whilst playing the game. So there's stuff they can do there such as only allowing registered PS3 devices to work when a game is in progress.

As for Omega, rather than using his head. He lets his opinion speak for what he wants to happen, as opposed to what is likely.

Sarick3010d ago

If it's the same hardware used to repair damaged PS3's (that have crashed firmware), wouldn't it be hard coded into the main board? If this is the case the device superceeds the firmware security and authentication mechanics.

I can see the firmware update blocking the unsigned code after an a firmware update but can the usb dongle allow a firmware downgrade or instalation of another unsigned firmware.

If it can defeat the firmware security enough that a user can install a 3rd party (hacked) firmware then the hole would be extremely hard to patch permanently without modifying the hardware. In any case the flaw would be permanently hard coded in every PS3 launched before the hack was announce.

My guess is that because it came from China, The same place that leaked the PS3 slim pictures and manufacturing warehouse it also leaked the official debug dongle hardware.

inveni03010d ago

True. This "hack" isn't a hack. It's like saying you've hot-wired a car by making a copy of the key. It's a does what it's supposed to do: start the car. This piece is the same thing. It's a debug utility. It's designed to do exactly what it's doing. That's not a hack.

IMO, the PS3 is still secure, it's just had some keys copied.

theEx1Le3010d ago

I have to agree with you. Though the game of cat and mouse is about to begin with Sony constantly updating to block this "exploit" and the hackers constantly trying to remain a step ahead.

silvacrest3010d ago

you dont have to pay someone to hack a 360 for you

opening the 360 is easy enough, plenty of youtube vids show how

for any 360 console version bar the S this will do just fine and as you can see it's pretty cheap for what it does

timemuffin3010d ago

" if its as easy as ordering a USB online to be shipped to my door its going to be very appealing " That makes you a thief. You've just gone on record stating that you can't be trusted in peoples homes or in stores or even your workplace. Don't invite Omega 4 your party, stealing is just too appealing for him.

XactGamer3010d ago

No amount of excuses or wishful thinking isn't going to take away from the fact that the PS3 is now hacked. Love it or hate it but it is out there and it does work. What is sad are the fanboys here that just assumed the PS3 was hack proof, well here is your proof that it isn't. Sony needs to get some control back, they won't stop them all but some is better than none. I just hope Sony doesn't lose software support over this.

scofios3010d ago

I just hope Sony doesn't lose software support over this.
did microsoft ?????

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TheMART3010d ago

Pretty sure this is a problem for Sony like it was on the PSP, or if you want an entrance that is very deep in the root before the PS3's boot.

At best, it'll be something like iPhone hardware, that gets a new fw and for just a few days or weeks can't be jailbroken and then bam, its jailbroken again.

For me personally, doesn't even matter if it would be temporary or not. I have a Fat PS3 still on firmware 3.15 with OtherOS not going online and a Slim I play online with. I'll put this on the Fat, not even for the PS3 games, but for the ability of a devkit that is able to run any homebrew made for it. Think about the possibilities of emulators, up to a PS2 emu the homebrew community could make while Sony sells the PS2 games 'redone' for a premium price and took away PS2 emulation/BC. Think about custom mediaplayers like XBMC has been the best around for years. Think about any other interesting software ported to the PS3.

I had a 360 in a box that was JTAG vulnerable, but accidently upgraded it some time ago, it was a lot more work to JTAG is also. This seems a lot more interesting, so I'm in as soon as a cheaper clone is around. Which will be soon enough. Homebrew FTW!

doshey3010d ago

stop playing your reindeer games saying you have a ps3, for that matter 2

altimako023010d ago

there will be periods that sony patches their system but it will be hacked again and again. thet should have never disabled linux support.

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