Mafia II pre-orders start in India, free T-shirt thrown in

The game has not yet arrived in the country, but the hype around 2K Games’ Mafia II is picking up in India. According to a release we have received from E-Xpress Interactive Software, a number of electronic stores such as Croma, Planet M and Landmark have started receiving pre-orders for the game, which is a bit of a rare thing in India, where many gamers generally go the “torrent” way to get their hands on
the latest titles

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Quagmire3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

They have the money and resources to make and give away free promotional tshirts but not when it comes to adding simple grass and cloth-tech in a game?

krishnabloodsoul53010d ago

let it go dude....some devs are just too lazy...

And this is good news indeed...i'm and Indian and i always convince my friends to buy originals....glad its happening..:)