Windows Phone 7 like handheld Xbox

Blockbuster franchises such as Halo, Fable and Crackdown will get spinoff games for the Windows Phone 7, and the phone's gaming hub will also connect to Xbox Live to track things such as friend requests, unlocked achievements and invitations to play turn-based multiplayer games between phones.

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ZombieAutopsy3036d ago

I'd prefer a handheld with buttons, after buying an ipod touch and a few games for it i see how flawed touch screen buttons are.

A Cupcake for Gabe3036d ago

Agree, there needs to be a docking station with buttons for the iPhone, controling with touch screen limits gaming. Hmm buttons? Kind of important...*looks at kinect *

dredgewalker3036d ago

I also agree, I don't even play games anymore on my Ipod touch. Some games are hard to play cause I can't feel any buttons which limit my finger sensitivity. You really can't have any normal gaming without the buttons. I can play some of the casual games but it still doesn't sate my appetite for real games I am used to.

outrageous3036d ago

The concept in the picture for this piece would be perfect. 2 sticks and a decent size screen.

With the technology really taken off lately, when can we expect to be playing Gears of war on the go???

TheLeprachaun3036d ago

After getting my hands on with the Samsung prototype phone running this OS at Gamescom, I have to say it's very impressive. Not quite an handheld but the games are still far better than most you'd be find on phones.

nickjkl3036d ago

the title makes it to easy

doshey3036d ago

the only way a handheld can do good is with buttons, with a touchscreen only games become real limited, i cant really play shooters on my iphone, racings alright, but looking at it, touchscreen aint good for gaming

HarryEtTubMan3036d ago

One of the any accounts used by Nasim?

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