Sexy German playmate in GTA-ish MMO

The sexy 26 year old playmate Bernadette Kaspar is a character in the online game Poisonville. This browser-based MMO, made by Bigpoint, is to be launched later this year. Poisonville is a open world shooter in the style of Grand Theft Auto, while it stays true to familiar MMO gameplay features like loot, gear and leveling up. Novum Nieuws spoke with the playmate about her role in the game during a party hosted by Bigpoint at Gamescom 2010.

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Quagmire3009d ago

Beeg Ameerican Tee Tees? No. Beeg Geermaan Tee Tees!

Nederob3008d ago

To be honest, she has an awesome ass. Her tata's are normal. Sweet girl though!

StbI9903008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

And we have a fapper here...applaud applaud...

Edit: meant

TheIneffableBob3008d ago

I see Google Translate got an update.

BYE3008d ago

She said she tried the game, but wasn't able to play with herself yet.

Nederob3008d ago

quick translation:

- she doesn't have much time to play anymore
- used to play The Sims and Super Mario
- has played the game, but has not been able to play with herself yet
- her face became part of the game via a photo shoot (so no motion capture)

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