CoD Black Ops Developer Walkthrough: Born To Kill!

Dealspwn's Jonathan Lester writes: "Treyarchs’s upcoming Cold War shooter has attracted a lot of attention thanks to its original story and the controversy surrounding the Infinity Ward debacle. Many critics are currently unsure of whether Black Ops can truly deliver a bona fide Call of Duty experience, so in order to settle the issue, Activision were more than happy to show off a developer walkthrough of two previously unseen levels. I’m delighted to report that our time in the steamy jungles of Vietnam shows off a title that’s on course to be more ridiculous, much bolder and infinitely more brutal than any CoD seen to date."

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The_Claw3037d ago

cod:bo = $60 expansion pack
same game every time

MRHARDON3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

Its a different game everytime.....troll is obvious....

How is it the same every game?

Its an FPS, it cant be any different, action,shooting thats all a FPS.

You cant change that, if you can find a way how to change that please tell me.

And dont bring up the "Engine IS THE SAME" because Killzone 3 is using the same engine that Killzone 2 used, Halo, Madden, etc there are tons of games that are using the same engine for the last couple years.

Now thanks for proving how stupid you are :)

The_Claw3037d ago

lol i love gettin you cod fanboys going. it cracks me up how much your willing to defend your flawed games. what im talking about is its going to have the same glitches and hacks, the same crappy p2p networking with terrible lag, the same run in circles gameplay, your basically paying 60 bucks for different maps and weapons, with a few different annoying, noob friendly perks.

MRHARDON3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

Im buying the PC verison
Dedicated servers
Mod Tools (We can make our own maps and make better maps then Treyarch)
Server Brower
Dev console

Vahn Mutiplayer Director at Treyarch:


Please read:

Call of Duty 1, Call of Duty 2, Call of Duty: Big Red One, Modern Warfare 1, World at War, Modern Warfare 2, and Black Ops are all Listen Servers (for consoles) and not Peer to Peer topologies.

The only truly peer to peer game (using a literal definition) in the franchise was Call of Duty 3.

This can never be "fixed" because of this little thing called the "Internet" and how it works.

What we can and try to do is:

-minimize the upstream bandwidth required to play
-use the best networking prediction we can
-continue to have the Local Search only option
-improve the algorithm for how we choose the host
-continue to work with Microsoft on how they do Matchmaking

...among other things.

The common assumption that Dedicated Servers (instead of Listen Servers) will somehow solve all problems is not accurate. It's grossly over-stated as a cure-all. It causes new and different problems.

What many people don't understand is that (on the 360) you have to bounce and authentic all "Live" traffic through what is known as the xLSP gateway/proxy. In the simplest sense, it's a type of Virtual Private Network (VPN) between us and Microsoft.

All of the World at War stat servers (for example) run behind one. So does the infastucture telling you how may players are online; or the machine you get the Playlist from (etc, etc).

Reporting stats to a database server is one thing; sending game traffic through the gateway/proxy is an entirely different beast which will increase latency.

xLSP has policy guidelines and restrictions. The bottom line is that it both lets us offer a lot of stuff to you that Live itself doesn't offer (or has made generic to work with "any game" whereas we want to do something that works awesome for Call of Duty), but it doesn't exactly give us complete flexibility to do whatever we want either.

In Summary:

The game is not Peer to Peer.

Listen Servers, Dedicated Servers, and Peer to Peer games can never be truly "fixed." They can just be designed and developed to work better on the Internet.

Dedicated servers (for consoles) are not a cure-all.

We are MP developers and gamers, thus aware of what it is like to play MP games on the Internet. Including this one.

David 'Vahn' Vonderhaar

So U keep playing your console games with the same maps while we PC games get to make our own? Pitty so COD rules PC gaming anyday, for consoles....umm no

socomnick3037d ago

You rag on cod black ops calling it an expansion yet you have a battlefield bad company 2 avatar.

You know how much of a rip off bc2 really is ?

60 dollar game shipping with a whole 6 maps, using all of the same weapons, vehicle and even building models as bad company 1.

Bad company 2 is not even an expansion of bc1, its more of a mod. Almost no new content. Thank god I rented it and did not waste 60 dollars on it.

xGrunty3037d ago

you support MW2 which charged half a game price for extra maps?

Glad you spent $90 on a crap game that takes no skill to play.

I'm not bashing Black Ops, because I think it looks amazing. Plus Treyarch did an amazing job with World at War, so I expect nothing but greatness from this title.

But for you to sit here and bash a game that has a game engine that is 100% better than MW2, is just ridiculous.

Same weapons? BC2 has more weapons than MW2....But I forgot you rented the game, so you didn't level up enough to see that.

BTW I'm a pc gamer so don't try to get me on lag bullshit the console versions suffer from in bc2. This is the reason pc gaming is a million times better than console gaming.

Guy12345673037d ago

What are you talking about Bad company 2 was a huge dif

Solstice3037d ago

Gotta say, I didn't think I would be looking forward to this game, but as the days go by, I'm getting more and more interested.

People need to be more open minded and just let this game unfold. Don't bash something that isn't even out yet.

jdktech20103037d ago

this is the internet...that's all people do.

I'm with you...this game grows one me more and more. The final decision maker should happen around september 1st and that multiplayer reveal.

Cevapi883037d ago

the thing that would put it over the top for me would be having the ability to play as the zombies online

Blackpool3037d ago

man idk bout getting this

moneygun23037d ago

Yes, modern warfare left a sour taste in alot of peoples mouths. But, this isn't the infinity ward that by all reports was not thrilled to be doing modern warfare 2 to begin with, that are making this. Trey will get my tip of the hat till release (not my money) but I'm interested to see what they can do o reinvigorate cod. Worst case scenario, it's suck but it takes us one more month closer to the glory that is Killzone 3.

The_Claw3037d ago

all the kids can get this game thats cool, ill be playin MOH. DICE>IW/TREYARCH

Solstice3037d ago

You don't think you sound like a kid, "sir/miss"?

jdktech20103037d ago

Ahhh see, here's the issue. BC2 was a blast until a few months after and the lag's kinda EA and Dice's general pattern to get worse as time goes on. I didn't play MOH but it looks average and like a mutated child of BC2 and MW2.

To each their own, but I'm not a kid and I might buy Black Ops so I guess by your logic I can say that all the liars and exaggerators can go buy MOH, that's cool but (here's my logic coming in) every game is different and liked by different people so there's no need to trash other games or people.

MRHARDON3037d ago

Dice never supports there game, litterly where is a DLC pack with new maps for BFBC2? Ohh there is none :(

Anyways who would support companys who release DLC packs and say they are new maps and they are just more gametypes for the same maps?

I support Treyarch and Infinity Ward and Respawn Entertainment :)

xGrunty3037d ago

There is no logic behind this when those gametypes are given to you for free. There's nothing to complain about....

jdktech20103035d ago

the logic grunt is they advertised the vip code as getting new maps for free.....while it was just new game modes on existing maps

If they advertised it as such, that's fine but I take new maps as NEW maps not existing maps functionality increased

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