Gamefest 2007: No XBLA Size Increase Coming

At Gamefest 2007 Microsoft made no indication that size will be changing, even as Sony starts to introduce much larger downloadable content onto the PlayStation Network (see: Warhawk).

"It [the 150MB cap] really lets you focus on the innovation," said Katie Stone, senior games program manager and founding member of XBL Arcade.

Sounds good now, but if Warhawk proves a great success, will that be the attitude as the company phases out the hard drive-less Core SKU?

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Dlacy13g4021d ago

One I thought MS raised it to 259MB or somethint similar for Capcom's Castlevania game.

Two, XBLA is set for smaller download games but that doesnt mean they cant release large games like Warhawk for purchase. The Oblivian Expansion is one example of it being already done. This cap is strictly for Live Arcade which is the fun / fast down load games ....Not full blown downloadable games ...which could be done if a publisher really wanted to but I am sure MS is trying to shy people away from that as the download time for a very large game is going to be quite lengthy.

I will be curious to see how well Warhawk for the PS3 does download compared to hard copy. And also how long it took to download.

crck4021d ago

1. Konami makes Castlevania not Capcom. Plus they bumped the limit from 50mb to 150mb for Castlevania.

2. Yes the cap is strictly for xbla. But name 1 standalone game that isn't part of xbla. Warhawk weighs in at 780 mb. It took about 2 hours to dl the beta.

omansteveo4021d ago (Edited 4021d ago )

I heard MS is going to test digital distributation with tomb raider anniversary alongside retail.

Drewminati4021d ago

isn't warhawk like 4 gigs or something.. I couldn't image me sitting there and downloadin that game.

crck4021d ago

The beta which was suppose to include the whole game was 780 mb.

sticky doja4021d ago

Damn thats small. Thats like PS1 size game.

KeMoBLUE4021d ago

with the ps3 you don't sit at the download screen. you can select the "download in background" button which allows the game to download while you do other things such as chat, listen to music, surf the web or play a game. which is why i love my ps3 i even for get the games downloading until it pops up on my screen that it is finished. long story don't have to sit there all day.

BIadestarX4021d ago

But warhawk is no arcade game! Just because warhawk is being distributed via digital distribution it does not mean is not a full game... They will even offer a retail package where you can get in on disk (I am getting.. cause of headset.. mmmm!)... You may not see another game like warhawk being released as digital distribution for a while. I can be wrong but Sony does not have a category as Microsoft does when it comes to Arcade games... arcade games are meant to be ligh weight... If anything Microsoft should come up with another section maybe called "XBox live Game Store" were developers are allowed to upload full games and people who are interested in downloading full retail games can do so... obviously.. if they have large enough hard drives. (we may not see this until the next xbox).. I remember when Sony fanboys started to flame digital distribution as impossible... and that games would be too big to download. what would you call this? I love that Sony is pushing large games via download.. I hope microsoft does the same.. Kudos to Sony. I just hope microsoft does not mix XBox live arcade with full games... since they are not arcade games...

ReBurn4021d ago

Comparing an XBLA game to a full-retail game is somewhat silly. I would prefer to not download games that are several gigs in size. The reason I like XBLA is that I can get a fun game on the fly for about 5 bucks and it doesn't take hours to download like some demos do. I can drive to Gamestop and buy a game faster than the Stranglehold demo downloaded.