Motorstorm Apocalypse Makes A 3D Believer Of Me

As Kotaku's, Mike Fahey crossed the finish line after his fifth run through the latest Motorstorm Apocalypse track in 3D, he raised his arm in the air and let out a resounding, "Woot!" What did he have to celebrate?

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DA_SHREDDER3014d ago

The title should have been "How Motorstorm Apocalypse Makes A True Gamer Out Of Me"

pork_chop_express3014d ago

motorstorm is effing brutal, i still play pacific rift bought it at launch and have 15% trophies lmao some of those ghost time trials are nuts.

sikbeta3013d ago

MotorStorm Games are Great but underrated, I'm sure Apocalypse will do justice for the whole franchise...

MotorStorm:Apocalypse FTW!!!

brazilianbumpincher3013d ago (Edited 3013d ago )

but kotaku never do any positive ps3 stories since there infamous clash with sony,but since the derogatory video of gt5 their recent articles have been strangely 'yeh go sony'

DigitalAnalog3013d ago

Makes me a non-believer of Kotaku.

-End statement

Nihilism3013d ago

"I want to believe"

Sorry, i'm in the middle of an X-Files marathon....

Sev3013d ago

It's true. Motorstorm Apocalypse is by far the best 3D game Sony has coming in it's lineup.

The 3D games they currently have out are garbage compared to what I've seen at E3. It's only going to get better from here on out.

I played the Motorstrom Pacific Rift 3D Demo on my new 3DTV and it isn't one tenth as good as Apocalypse's 3D effects.

TruEve3013d ago (Edited 3013d ago )

What about Killzone 3's 3D effects?


3D looks like it will continually evolve and get better as devs become more familiar with the tech. Not just familiar, but clever in implementing it. I think it's here to stay. You have to start somewhere right? By next gen, it could be an optional standard across all platforms.

My next HDTV will be a 3D set, whenever I can afford it :P.

ForzaGT3013d ago

must get a 3D tv for GT5, but this looks to be the real deal in 3D

AK463013d ago

looks like you are one of the true racing fans out there.

hankmoody3013d ago

I have to say that this was a pretty impressive 3D demo, much more impressive than Wipeout HD which was pretty surprising. The effect is subtle, like with the way the dirt kicks up under the tires and other little details.

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