Impressive BMW M5 Video of Gran Turismo 5

An impressive Gamescom 2010 video shows the BMW M5 in action.

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Prcko3009d ago

day 1 buyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

bjornbear3009d ago (Edited 3009d ago )

GT5 is synonimous to all those words.

they just need to write "Holy sh!t, another GT5 video. WARNING: Be sure you are sitting when watching"

The_Count3009d ago

I wouldn't be surprised. it's this shit website.

ndibu3009d ago

All they had to do was show me a BMW

THE BIAS3009d ago

When I was at school, someone told me BMW stood for Black Man's Willy. But I guess that's not what you meant

Terarmzar3009d ago

Thats not even funny...
but i am looking forward to this game

3009d ago
Bloodlyte3009d ago

If i were there, I would flying kick that guy in the ear and take the controller from him, he cant play for shit!

Orionsangel3009d ago

I'm sick and tired of these GT5 videos. You see a hi-res image before you click on the play button. Then some amateur video appears. That fails to impress. They're all the same. How many times you can see a car go around a track till it all starts looking the same?

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