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Submitted by xbox360elitegamer 3104d ago | preview

BioShock Demo: First Impressions

The Bioshock demo starts off with a slick, yet simple opening cinematic - pretty much a first person view of you looking at the back of some one's chair. You pull out your wallet, you glance at the photo of your own family waiting for you down at terra firma. Everything is cosy and peaceful on the passenger plane you're on, then a curve ball, your airplane crashes into the see and... (BioShock, PC, Xbox 360)

xbox360elitegamer  +   3104d ago
It exactly what we saw in the video trailer, I can't wait to play the game.
kring  +   3104d ago
The demo was good, after the demo ends/you quite it has a video of some of the gameplay... looks interesting for a FPS. personally I've become blah on the FPS... they are all too similar in design and content.. GoW was at least something new as far as view and control system while blowing you away with pure next gen graphics.

the graphics here were ok, but not UT3 engine next gen, textures fell below expections and engine capability
tmatte  +   3104d ago
I actually thought the graphics were ahead of GoW, not to mention Bioshock is something very different.
marionz  +   3104d ago
kring get some fcuking glasses! and a personality! reading your lame post was almost painfull

bioshock has graphics that make gears look like poo, and you actually have freedom to roam around the environments unlike gears, the textures are stunning and the water is amazeing!
gears was my fave game untill now
this game is an instant classic!
Jdash24  +   3104d ago
the game looks really good, but even after playing the demo im not getting it, im just not a fan of horror games, which is exactly why i passed on F.E.A.R. when it came out, and those constant plasma injections were kind of annoying in those life threatening situations
nobizlikesnowbiz  +   3104d ago
Bioshock is getting the attention it deserves.


And there was much rejoicing. Yay


<EDIT> @ Marceles. Bubble up.
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Marceles  +   3104d ago
Yay. Actually I think it deserves even more attention. I'm sure most people who have played and at least seen the demo footage know it's above expectation. I didn't think 2K Games could top the good presentation of The Darkness, but Bioshock blew it out of the water. have to play it in order to fully understand how awesome the game is. It makes you really feel like you're trying to survive in Rapture. In other horror FPS games like Doom 3, it's scary, but you have all of these guns to use at your disposal and you still feel like you've seen a game like it before. On Bioshock, I was tiptoeing through the whole thing and watching my back like I was really trying to survive. The lights flickering on and off, the slightly happy 60s music playing in the background with all of these strange characters interacting and trying to kill you...the game is just insane. You'll come in to the game with slightly high expectations from hearing about the reviews from other people but still not believing it, and then you play it and bam, AAA title

edit: thx man, from a born again xbox gamer
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rubarb23  +   3104d ago
oh my god
dudes i'm like bust'n out mad over time just to pick up all these games that are going to come out man. i'm picking up the speical edition for this game, i must have it. bioshock, halo 3, mass effect, cod 4, pg4, can't remember the rest, point is good bye sleep.
Covenant  +   3104d ago
Wanted: One time machine, to speed ahead a couple of weeks.

Holy freaking hell, this looks AWESOME.
N4GayFanturds  +   3104d ago
Yet another title
to add to the 360's MUST HAVE List!
USMChardcharger  +   3104d ago
I had to stop reading this article...i want to experience the demo without knowing what is going to happen. can't wait

i better double up on doing stuff outside...when this game hits followed by the other games that are coming...i will not know what outside means.
JIN KAZAMA  +   3104d ago
cant wait to play it
on my ps3 next year. It should be good. Untill then, I'll play HS, LAIR, Uncharted, Little Big PLanet, Tekken DR ONLINE, the true fighting game, that NOTHING can even touch, GT5 Prologue, and much much more.
NoJizzLikeMoJizz: have fun with this game, finally, you guys got now about 3 good games on teh 360, thats been out almost 2 years! haha, too funny. DUMBASS
jay3  +   3104d ago
You realise you listed Lair, a game that has gotten, not so great reviews we can all agree, no one is really interested in it but people like you who have nothing else. Listen to the 1up podcast, the british guy has the same view as me.

You listed TEKKEN as well? Dude, that's a new level of low....

GT5...i don't really care for GT, they focus on realism, and if i want realism, i can just drive an actual car.

You know you don't actually like half those games, it's the PS3 that has nothing this year, they're all games you realised you had so now your waving it around like it's the best thing ever...

Just LOOK at the titles man.

The only DECENT ones i see are HS and LBP.

I just wish you PS3 fanboys would realise that this is 360s year, next is for the PS3 (Seeing as i haven't heard of any games for 360 next year)
Saint Sony  +   3104d ago
Jin Kazama
There it shows again, true nature of PS3 community. *shivers*
Go massage your pectorals, that's prolly where you brain is anyhow. I hope I don't meet you in any game EVER.
JIN KAZAMA  +   3104d ago
True PS3 fan
you think I care if I ever play against you??
Anyways, I forgot about Warhawk!!!
PS3 is getting TOP NOTCH AAA games before 1 year into its life cycle.
360 has been out for almost 2 years, and they are barely getting any good games.
LAIR is sweet, 1up is the ONLY place where it was "reviewed" poorly. EVERY other critic has NOTHING but rave opinions. So you take 1UP, which also said bad things about Blue Dragon, and just choose to believe that huh.
So, this year
We got
Ratchet and Clank

Thats 5 BIG GUNS in less than a year. Along with Motorstorm, R:FOM, which R:FOM was a launch title. You guys have had 2 YEARS!! 80% sub par games.
Bioshock = great
Gears of War = very good
*crickets* chirp chirp chirp
this after 2 YEARS!!!!!!!!
HOw sad. not mention how many of you got screwed with the hardware, MS keeps bringing out new SKU's left and right, and all yuo idiots are fine with it.

Daxx  +   3104d ago
"finally, you guys got now about 3 good games on teh 360, thats been out almost 2 years! haha, too funny. DUMBASS"

So what's PGR3, Lost Planet, Dead Rising, Gears of War, Forza 2, Crackdown? Also there's tons of 3rd party games that are on the 360 that are really good.

Edit: R:FoM, Motorstorm, Warhawk, Heavenly Storm, Uncharted, and R&C:ToD all look great and the PS3 has many more great titles coming out but do you know why we don't like you, Jin? It's not because you like the PS3 it's because your an ignorant assh0le.

Here's an example of what you are doing http://www.encyclopediadram...
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socomnick  +   3104d ago
jins a moron just ignore him and don't even pay him any attention while he waits for those so called good games ( sarcasm ) Ill be playing yet another AAA tittle within 2 weeks.
Wii60_FTW  +   3104d ago
best game ever
ps3 is doomed
Daxx  +   3104d ago
No the PS3 is not doomed. By the looks of it 2008 is going to be the PS3's golden year.

Don't be like Jin, you'll only give us 360 owners a bad name if you stoop down to his level.
beans  +   3104d ago
Hey hold on Daxx and don't start assuming that the PS3 will have a better year in 2008 when were still in 2007! 2008 will more than likely be another year for 360 but it will be the year were 360 pulls away visually and introduces many new IP's and XNA games! I just find it kind of odd for someone to say that Sony has 2008 as if you have a little hidden agenda up your sleeve but I could be wrong! Let's worry about this year and then next once it's here! Also I don't know what Jin is trying to prove because none of his games are heavy hitters and won't be until we actually start to see some good reviews on them!
socomnick  +   3104d ago
Far as I know Microsoft hasent shown any 2008 tittles yet I cant wait to see what those are im sure they will blow us away like they have been doing so far.
WafflesID  +   3104d ago
I love my 360. In fact just traded in my 360 premium last week to get a 360 elite.

BUT I'm still excited to see the great lineup for the PS3. Anybody who is a REAL gamer should be. Having great games on all the systems is a GOOD THING.

Is it REALLY a bad thing if the PS3 ends up having a better 2008 than the 360? I mean comon...Look at the lineup for the 360...if ANYTHING even matches that then this is undoubtedly a GREAT thing for all gamers. Even if you have no choice but to stick with only one system.

That said, in my unbiased eyes, I see more games in the future for the 360 that pique my interest than the PS3. But still enough for the ps3 to make me want to buy one. But thats just me. Others have different preferences of course :)
Wii60_FTW  +   3104d ago
Like I said...
PS3 is doomed.
AllroundGamer  +   3104d ago
the demo was great, so much atmosphere in it, that i almost didn't want to shoot those enemies :D i hope, that in the full game you don't find the two plasmids (electro + pyro) so fast in the beginning of the game, so the player could get the chance knowing every plasmid better and their usage...
Daishi  +   3104d ago
"Look Bubbles an Angel"
"Oh wait he's still breathing..."
Saint Sony  +   3104d ago
There's 70 plasmids in game ;)
persian_prince  +   3104d ago
Cant wait to try the demo to see if i can handle the fright of this game...
and as far as the guy with the tupac pic is concerned...ps3 is a great system, but all the games are just 'meh'...most of the ones u listed are crap. There isnt a single game right now that would make me want to buy a ps3...maybe in the future, but at the moment, none.
jay3  +   3104d ago
Oh my god....
Those water effexts are really kick ass! It actually looks real!

This is one of those few games for me that, even though i absoulutely HATE horror games, is so immersive i acyually want to keep going instead of just being a wuss and pausing and not playing again!

Funnily enough, the only other game to do that with me was MGS2...Not so much immersive though...but really really really really cool. Stealth was NOT my thing at all, but it was a gift so i tried it. Yep.
da dark one  +   3104d ago
a little disapponted
I thought this game was supposed to be different. a horror game with themes that made u question your morals and what would u do/ who would u kill to survive. Instead it feels more like go to Rapture and kill everyone.
sjappie  +   3104d ago
You have to take moral choices later on in the game i.e.
you have the choice to kill little sisters by draining their power or let them be. Other characters are out to kill you, so the moral thing to do is defending yourself by killing them.
Daishi  +   3104d ago
Remember your in Splicer territory through out the entire demo. You eventual go to the real city where there are "normal" people. The demo was just to show how intense combat was in a short time.
Marceles  +   3104d ago
Ok tell me this...
When that one splicer mom was next to the stroller with the blue light in the background crying and saying to the fake baby (actually it was the revolver) "I'll never be able to hold you again...why? oh why??" *sob sob* Did you run up and shoot the hell out of her or did you think, "damn rapture is a sad world, I feel sorry for them", and then run up and shoot her? lol
#13.3 (Edited 3104d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
AllroundGamer  +   3104d ago
lol i waited till she ended her monologue and then touched her from behind :D but really, i wanted to know if she would react :)

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