BioShock Demo: First Impressions

The Bioshock demo starts off with a slick, yet simple opening cinematic - pretty much a first person view of you looking at the back of some one's chair. You pull out your wallet, you glance at the photo of your own family waiting for you down at terra firma. Everything is cosy and peaceful on the passenger plane you're on, then a curve ball, your airplane crashes into the see and...

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xbox360elitegamer3996d ago

It exactly what we saw in the video trailer, I can't wait to play the game.

kring3996d ago

The demo was good, after the demo ends/you quite it has a video of some of the gameplay... looks interesting for a FPS. personally I've become blah on the FPS... they are all too similar in design and content.. GoW was at least something new as far as view and control system while blowing you away with pure next gen graphics.

the graphics here were ok, but not UT3 engine next gen, textures fell below expections and engine capability

tmatte3996d ago

I actually thought the graphics were ahead of GoW, not to mention Bioshock is something very different.

marionz3996d ago

kring get some fcuking glasses! and a personality! reading your lame post was almost painfull

bioshock has graphics that make gears look like poo, and you actually have freedom to roam around the environments unlike gears, the textures are stunning and the water is amazeing!
gears was my fave game untill now
this game is an instant classic!

Jdash243996d ago

the game looks really good, but even after playing the demo im not getting it, im just not a fan of horror games, which is exactly why i passed on F.E.A.R. when it came out, and those constant plasma injections were kind of annoying in those life threatening situations

nobizlikesnowbiz3996d ago (Edited 3996d ago )

Bioshock is getting the attention it deserves.


And there was much rejoicing. Yay


<EDIT> @ Marceles. Bubble up.

Marceles3996d ago (Edited 3996d ago )

Yay. Actually I think it deserves even more attention. I'm sure most people who have played and at least seen the demo footage know it's above expectation. I didn't think 2K Games could top the good presentation of The Darkness, but Bioshock blew it out of the water. have to play it in order to fully understand how awesome the game is. It makes you really feel like you're trying to survive in Rapture. In other horror FPS games like Doom 3, it's scary, but you have all of these guns to use at your disposal and you still feel like you've seen a game like it before. On Bioshock, I was tiptoeing through the whole thing and watching my back like I was really trying to survive. The lights flickering on and off, the slightly happy 60s music playing in the background with all of these strange characters interacting and trying to kill you...the game is just insane. You'll come in to the game with slightly high expectations from hearing about the reviews from other people but still not believing it, and then you play it and bam, AAA title

edit: thx man, from a born again xbox gamer

rubarb233996d ago

dudes i'm like bust'n out mad over time just to pick up all these games that are going to come out man. i'm picking up the speical edition for this game, i must have it. bioshock, halo 3, mass effect, cod 4, pg4, can't remember the rest, point is good bye sleep.

Covenant3996d ago

Wanted: One time machine, to speed ahead a couple of weeks.

Holy freaking hell, this looks AWESOME.

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